Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects (Sep. 1 2023)

Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects Not to Be Missed!


September 1, 2023

1.SPARK: Master iPhone Photography - Snapshots to Masterpieces

The ultimate tool for iPhone camera control. Experience DSLR-like buttons, lightning, crowd removal, long exposure, and more.

2.Apex-maker X1: Industrial High-Speed 16\" 8K LCD 3D Printer

16" 8K Industrial LCD | 180mm/h High Speed | Mega Build Volume 353*198*400mm | 46µm Precision | HD Camera Monitoring

3.Ultrahuman Ring AIR

World's Most Comfortable Sleep-Tracking Wearable

4.FitMe: Advanced 3D Body Scanner and AI Trainer

Supercharge your fitness! Measure body fat % from your home and get actionable, personalized feedback.

5.MarsPlanter - Indoor Hydroponics Planter With LED Grow Light

Future of Planting | Hydroponics | Ceramic Pot | LED Grow Light | Self-watering | Height Adjustment | Timing Settings | Seed to Plant

6.Pathfinder + V2 - The Ultimate Pocket-Sized Multi-Tool

Pathfinder+ A Single Mini-Tool That Serves You As A Knife, Pry Bar, Screw Driver, Bottle Opener, Ruler, File, And Much More.

7.LUMINOSITY DICE: Plush Dice with RGB Lights

A set of customizable smart light plush dice. Ready to take all your tabletop and D&D adventures to the next level!

8.FinderOne136, The Fastest 13.6” LCD 3D Printer - 203mm/h

13.6” 7K Mono Screen | 203mm/h Printing Speed | 298*165*300mm Printing Size | 46μm XY Accuracy | Ball Screw | 57 Closed Loop Motor

9.Clarii mini, A Digital Wind Instrument & MIDI Controller

Sound of True Instruments | Compact & Portable | Easy to Learn & Play | Motion Control | Bluetooth MIDI | Interactive Tutorials