How it Works

PledgeBox helps you save time and upsell more.Take a load off and let us do the heavy lifting.

Connect Campaign

Get a PledgeBox account and connect with your Kickstarter campaign. All the pledges and rewards information will be imported to your PledgeBox account.

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Configure Products & Rewards

Create products(SKUs), map products to rewards, and decide which of them you want backers to buy extras.

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Send Survey

One-click to send the survey invitation through email to each of the backers. After opening the survey invitation link, backers will be able to pick the product variants, like colors, sizes…ect, buy add-ons, fill in the shipping address, and pay for the extra add-ons.

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More Sales & Shipping Rewards

Upload your tracking file. You can send tracking email to users in the order manage tab

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Projects on PledgeBox

ChopBox: World's First Smart Cutting Board With 10 Features

Kills germs, weighs your food and more! Sustainable. Replaceable parts. Super easy to clean. Watch the video to see all the features.

Narwal, World's First Self-Cleaning Robot Mop & Vacuum

Mopping & Vacuuming 2-in-1 / Automatic Mop Cleaning / Deep Cleaning / Smart Mapping & Navigation / Wi-Fi Enabled / iOS & Android App

Clicbot | Your New Favorite Educational Robot

Fall in love with a fun and smart robot that teaches your kid to code. With over 200 reactions, he’s a great new addition to any family