Crowdfunding is Costly,

But Survey Should Not

Most Pledge Managers charge Campaign fee, PledgeBox does not charge anything from your
Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaign. Here we are, an option to send surveys for FREE!

Free to Use. Only 3% Platform Fee of Upsell Sales

3% of Upsell sales generated during the survey. Totally free if you do not
have any add-on upsell for your campaign survey.

Campaign Fee: FREE
Upsell Fee: 3% of sales from PledgeBox
** If the upsell from Pre-order Store, the platform fee is 5%.

Leading Campaigns Trust PledgeBox

Included Features

Basic Feature

Shipping Address

Shipping Address Verification

Product Variants

Product Variant Combinations

Product Variant Inventory Management

Product Bundle

Product Photo Display

Marketing Question

Advanced Marketing Question

Gift Product

Payment Collection

Recover Dropped Backers

Capture Late Backers

Upsell Add-on Products in Survey

Shipping Fee Collection

Reward Upgrade

Taxes Collection

Auto Invoice Generation

Backer Coupon

Advanced Features

Digital Download Delivery

Allow Backer Upload Files

Advanced Survey Report

Lock Survey Records

Mutiple-times Backer Survey Sending

Shipping Notification

Integration with Shipping Vendors

Integration with Shopify


Campaign Management Tool