Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects (Dec. 19 2023)

Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects Not to Be Missed!


January 19, 2024

1.Chillmaster\'s Toolkit: A 5e Guide for Arctic Environments

Feel the touch of cold and journey through icy realms! Discover new player options, monsters, magic items and a card system for DnD 5e.

2.YASHICA Vision binocular night vision: Capture Night in 4K

YASHICA Vision is a binocular night vision device offering 4K image quality, full-color vision and up to 600m view range in darkness

3.Aeromattress|All Season Mattress Built-in Detachable Pump

Built-in Detachable Air Pump|Inflation & Deflation 2-in-1|5 R-Value For 4 Season Comfort|10cm Thickness|Compact Storage

4.MakaGiC VS01 Intelligent Electric Vise for DIYer & Maker

Smart clamping | Adjustable intensity | Multiple modes | Expandable peripherals | Large capacity battery | All aluminum alloy body

5.ROMOSS X1000: Explore Beyond Your Limits

Expandable to 16kWh 4000W|1h to 80% Fast Recharging|10ms Auto Switch UPS|Modular Design, Customizable|Various Magnetic Accessories

6.World\'s First Magnetic Wireless Charger to Win Against Apple

INIU MagPro: 15W | 9-Fin Turbo Cooling Fan™ | 11N Magnetic Lock | Detachable Stand & Pad

7.Kiiory Graphene made Hoodie

Graphene hoodie stand -18 degree Celsius

8.Morfone Ear Cleaner: Revolutionize Your Ear Care Routine

Deep Cleaning | 270° Spray | Multi-Mode | Temp Monitor | IP67 Rating | Auto-Collect Wastewater | Interchangeable Nozzles | For All Ages

9.TobenONE: Laptop Stand & 15-in-1 Docking Station

3 Extended Displays丨Ultra HD 8K Output丨100W PD Fast Charging丨10 Gbps Transfer Speed丨Laptop Stand丨A Best Seller on Amazon