Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to provide add-ons?

One of the most common backer queries we handle is whether a project offers add-ons. We strongly encourage project creators to include add-ons in their campaigns. They’re popular with backers, as they allow them to customize their pledge and purchase items they might have missed during your initial campaign. They’re also a great way to raise additional funds for your campaign. Learn more about add-ons here.

Do you send anything to my backers when I sign up?

Your backers will only be contacted when you decide to send surveys to them. You can sign up, import your project, and preview all the settings in PledgeBox before you click the send button.

What about the backers' privacy?

At PledgeBox, we take privacy very seriously. We’ll never sell any of your backers’ information, and we keep each project's information completely isolated from other projects. Read more about our privacy policy.

Do you need my Kickstarter username and password?

You’ll need to enter your crowdfunding platform credentials once to import your project information into PledgeBox.

Or, you can invite PledgeBox as a collaborator of your Kickstarter campaign to import your project information once into PledgeBox.

Which crowdfunding platform are you working with?

PledgeBox is designed dedicatedly for Kickstarter.

How can I accept payments in PledgeBox?

PledgeBox uses Stripe to process credit card payments. Stripe’s list of supported countries is growing, so make sure to monitor their site for updates.

Who can use PledgeBox?

Kickstarter camapign creators can sign up at any time during their campaign for a try for PledgeBox. It is completely Free to try out all of the features without obligation or payment.

You can use PledgeBox to setup and send the survey out within an hour once your Kickstarter campaign has been successfully funded and completed.

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