Raise More Through Affiliate Marketing

PledgeBox helps you save time and upsell more. Take a load off and let us do the heavy lifting.

How it Works

It is super easy to get started!
Create an account, connect your campaign, and spare the word after you finish the settings.


Connect Campaign

Follow the set-up wizard to complete project configuration


Publish the Affiliate Page

Once the page is published, backers and influencers can generate their unique/trackable links to share and earn commission based on result


Hunt in Marketplace

Booster (Backers/Media Partners/Influencers) Visit the affiliate page and generate unique & trackable links


Enjoy the Results

Booster Share the link and earn commission based on performance

Included Features

Campaign Dashboard

Track all boosters, clicks, converted revenues and commissions generated.

White-label Branding

Design a unique affiliate page for your campaign, sticking to your brand.

Solid Revenue Check

You only pay successful referral pledges, and avoid self-referrals and cheating


Invite your team members or agencies to manage the affiliate project

No Upfront Fee, No Platform Fee

Use PledgeBoost for free to achieve the best results for your crowdfunding campaigns. You only pay the affiliate commission as you decide.


Campaign Management Tool

You all should consider opening a Pledgebox too, for maybe a month after for people to hop on board since this is really gaining traction now! I'd definitely support that!


A great survey tool for our project. We can sell extra accessories and products even after the Kickstarter campaign. Easy to set up and check.

David Zhu

Pledgebox is legit and as mentioned above used by many Kickstarters to manage shipping and additional purchases by the backers.


Truly, PledgeBox is a must-have tool to make your life easier if you are a Kickstarter crowdfunding project creator like myself. 1. User-Friendly interface. 2. 24/7 customer service 3. I have been using it for 2 months now, no bugs no complain!Highly recommended!! This is the best tool for you to manage your post-campaign survey.

Michael Mirobot

Very easy simple and clear instructions. Makes me love Kickstarter more.


PledgeBox is very easy to use. It is very powerful and has a clear interface. PledgeBox's Pre-order feature can also help if you can't find a platform to continue selling your product after your Kickstarter campaign ends.

Talos Team

As a creator, i think PledgeBox are worth recommending to all the people, it can help you to manage orders, increase funding, manage campaigns.. most importantly, its survey charge are very economical!!!

Leona Davis

Having used several crowdfunding management order sites, I am very responsible to tell everyone that only the PledgeBox user experience is the best~

Boone Azul

What pledgebox surprised me most is: how can survey fees be low! ! For a new creator who wants to increase revenue and doesn't have too much budget, this is really a bargain!! I will continue to use it。

Sisson Owsley

This survey tool solves so much of my troubles!! First of all, their interface are super concise and straight forward. When I found that it can help me increase sales by selling add-on products, I fell in love with it all of a sudden!

Melany Lane

This product is just awesome! With PLEDGEBOX every creators would be able to send surveys to our backers and collect their‘s suggestion. If you use PLEDGEBOX, then use their survey tools for sure!BTW, the service from these guys is also excellent! They help you out with all your questions and they give perfect solutions very soon.


This is the best survey tool I've found and their charge are really low and reasonable, Highly recommended.

Carol Brown

Professional survey services at the best price - I recommend it


Objectively speaking, its UX is quite good and there is no bug. I think it may have been adjusted many times. Give a like!!

Anderson Martinez

5/5 Couldn't find a Kickstarter post-campaign survey platform as easy, as simple, as intuitive, as versatile, as the PledgeBox. Highly recommended!

Billy Liang Zhaoyi

Awesome product! Been using this product and it definitely helped me a lot with me and my team. It has ALL the real-time data and tracking functions you need when it comes to backers survey and so easy to use as well. We saved a lot of time and almost tripled our efficiencies using this tool!


It does help me a lot! Easy to set up and send out a survey via PledgeBox. Just finished my Kickstarter crowdfunding period and all set now. I would recommed this helpful tool to other creators.

Steven Luo

Great platform. It makes the survey more convinient & makes the report more detailed. It also does the up-sale.

Jiayi Sun

We used the PledgeBox service for each of our projects, and it worked really well. We have a large number of backers, PledgeBox is convenient and easy to operate and plays a good role in solving various problems for us.

Stephen, Unihertz Inventor

Neat, Simple and effective. Save time for creators.


I really like the tutorial videos you created. They addressed all my questions about the setting.

Arjun Tampi

I used Pledgebox a few times. The low price really helped a lot. Their support is not bad and the system is pretty user-friendly. Hope this helps.