Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects (Oct.16)

Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects Not to Be Missed!

Becky Wu

October 16, 2020

#1 Rubanmaster, Laser SLA 3D Printer, Laser Engraver and Cutter

What’s Rubanmaster? It is a 3-in-1 SLA 3D printer, laser engraver and cutter to make creation come to life.

What makes it unique? With 0.005mm laser movement accuracy and 3 times faster laser speed, Rubanmaster delivers far superior features while compared with other machines in its class. Whether you're trying to save money or just trying to make creation, it can be fun to create some interesting products.

Key Features:

  • High and accurate precisio
  • Fast laser speed
  • Compatible with 3rd Party Resins


#2 MOFT Float: Invisible and Foldable Stand&Case for iPad Pro

What’s MOFT Float? It is a slim stand&case that provides adjustable height and unlimited angles.

What makes it unique? Taking your iPad Pro to next-level height and experience. When you're done, MOFT Float folds up with your iPad to be easily stored away.

Key Features:

  • Invisible Built-in Stand
  • Flexible hinge structure
  • Adjustable viewing height
  • Unlimited Angles
  • Slim and light
  • 3 funtional modes

#3 AirView2 — 4K wireless DeX/PC/Mac/NS touchscreen monitor

What’s AirView2? AirView 2nd generation comes to the earth. It’s the world’s first ZERO lag wireless touchscreen.

What makes it unique? Samsung DeX | Mac | Windows | Android | ZERO-lag | mm-Wave | Portable | Wired & Wireless HDMI | Plug-n-Play | Huawei | Nintendo Switch

Key Features:

  • WirelessHD mm-Wave technology. The world's first ZERO lag wireless touchscreen.
  • Wireless Samsung DeX/Android/PC/Mac/NS multi-touch screen.
  • Plug and play. No pair WIFI need. No APP installation. Hassle-free connection.
  • Fully laminated IPS, sRGB 100% color space, Built-in battery 10200mAh