Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects (Oct.23)

Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects Not to Be Missed!

Becky Wu

October 23, 2020

#1 Comprehensive at-home sleep monitoring

Sleepbreathe, the innovative home-use smart wearable to monitor breathing during sleep. With direct breathing airflow data collection, powerful AI algorithms and medical-grade biosensor, Sleepbreathe tracks your sleep and analyzes sleep data accurately for better sleeping health management.


#2 The Manuva Board

The Manuva Board. A fixtureless and freely installed hangboard that makes training for rock climbing easier than ever before.

#3 Hooke Lav: A Sleek Wireless Mic With Pro-Grade Sound

Hooke Lav is a wireless microphone that captures pro-grade sound with no wires, no dropouts and no hassle. The Bluetooth lav has 8GB of internal storage and connects to any device with the click of a button. This slick, minimalist microphone maximizes your freedom to record with no setup necessary!

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