Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects (Oct. 22 2021)

Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects Not to Be Missed! - PledgeBox

Miya Wu

October 22, 2021

#1 Creation Space: EDC E-Screwdriver Fits in Your Pocket

Up to 3.5 kgf.cm Torque | Long Battery Life | 28 Bits | 4 Modes | Modular Solid Build Design | Magnetizer & Demagnetizer

#2 HydraTech | The Ultra-Portable Water Weighted Training Vest

Adding Weight to Your Workouts. Not to your Gym Bag.

#3 Sento Air: Kickstarter's most funded towel is back

Japanese Craftsmanship || Meticulous Design || Exceptional Materials || Your Everyday Essential Upgraded.

#4 SOUL- The Symphony of Nature

SOUL plays over 250 mixed sounds with breathing light. Enjoy the sound of wilderness anywhere without connecting to wireless waves

#5 Wesmart, World’s First 3s Heat Up Jacket W/ Graphene Infused

Self Heating | Response to changes in temperature | In-App Preheat System | Theft-proof material | Build-in facemask | Breathable

#6 Fractal: Beyond the Void

At 30 min. per player, Fractal redefines the 4X genre with a compact yet intense strategy game in a legacy campaign setting.

#7 Author Clock: A Novel Way To Tell Time

A modern clock that displays the time through unique literary quotes every minute—this is time-telling reimagined.

#8 TOSY: Smart Golf Disc & 360 LED Flying Disc & Boomerang

9-Axis Motion Tracking | AI. Analysis | 3D Simulation | GPS | Bluetooth | Super Bright LEDs

#9 Bebird P30S: The 3-in-1 Visual Ear Wax Remover

Electron Microscope for Ear Canal / Oral Examination | 1080P Wireless Otoscope 3.5mm Camera Probe with LED Light | Multi-Functional