Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects (Oct. 14 2022)

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October 14, 2022

#1 Yarbo: An Intelligent Yard Robot to Meet All Yard Care Needs

Interchangeable Modules | No Perimeter Wire Required | RTK-GPS | Obstacle Avoidance | Intelligent Path Planning | All-Terrain Tracks

#2 V-MAG Modular Combination Card Holder System

Super Wallet | Instant Card Access | EDC Multi-Tool | Various Combinations for Different Scenarios | Titanium | MagSafe | iPhone

#3 Matrix: The Ultimate Materials 3DPrinter Lets You Print Big

700mm Print Height | Multi-Materials | Air Chamber Extruder | Designed for Pottery, Creative Construction and Education.

#4 Ifory: The Era-defining 40,000 mAh Power Bank Boosts It All

40,000 mAh | 100W PD fast charging | Pocket size | LCD Screen | Waterproof and dustproof

#5 Rollbot - An Intelligent Rolling Robot

Magic Ball | The go anywhere rolling robot that provides kids and pets with hours of entertainment.

#6 Lumos Firefly | The Ultimate Bike Light System

Firefly upgrades your ride with turn signals, brake lights, synchronized flashing and magnetic mounting.

#7 Delux PockCombo: A Portable Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Featuring a foldable keyboard, sliding mouse, and protective case, PockCombo has all the essentials to set up an office workspace.

#8 Syinno: World's First Wire-binding Screwdriver

A quantum leap in binding steel & iron wires has made Effortless, Safe, and Easy the task of producing strong wire knots without hassle

#9 Mirror Quilt, Deeper Sleep and Reduce Anxiety

Cool to Touch|Sweat-wicking|Warm & Cozy|Double Sided | Hygroscopic Heating Fiber | Fleece Fabric

#10 Memory Box: #ThisDayInHistory on Your Desk

A Retro E-ink calendar shows dates with historical stories. Everything remembered will never disappear though time flies mercilessly.

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