Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects (Oct. 09 2022)

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October 9, 2022

#1 The Naked Pan by Crowd Cookware

Discover the purest form of cooking: no coatings, no-nonsense, no compromises on quality. Made from Titanium, designed with our crowd.

#2 Meet Loona - The most Intelligent Petbot

She's so playful and affectionate you'll forget she's a robot.

#3 V-MAG Modular Combination Card Holder System

Super Wallet | Instant Card Access | EDC Multi-Tool | Various Combinations for Different Scenarios | Titanium | MagSafe | iPhone

#4 SES MAX - New Generation Smart Electric Screwdriver Pen

4.0kgf.cm, 5 Gears Torque, 70 Bits, Smart Motion Control, Bluetooth Control APP, Magnetic Wireless Charger, OLED Display, CTV, 500mAh

#5 Surplex - Future VR Full-Body Tracking Shoes

Full-Body Movements Tracking|No Base Station & Webcams Needed | Not Prone to Occlusion & Drifiting|480 Press Sensors|Wi-Fi Connection

#6 CASIRIS A6: The Truest Color 4K Ultra-RGB Laser Projector

Triple Laser Tech | 107% BT.2020 | Ultra Short Throw | 80"-150" Projection Area | 4K Resolution | 2,200 Lumens | HDR10 | Dolby Atmos

#7 HOTO 35-IN-1 ROTARY TOOL KIT: Turning DIY Dream Into Reality

Long Battery Life | Powerful Motor | Multi-functional | 5-Speed Adjustments | 25,000 RPM | Charging Cradle | 240g Lightweight

#8 TICOVIS,World’s First Portable Power Station with EV Charger

2026Wh Capacity | Integrated EV Charger | 2.5Hrs Fast-Recharging | UPS Function | 600W Solar Input | Compact | Overlanding & Emergency

#9 ICEFIRE: Redefined Quick Food Defrost - 8X Faster and Smart

One-click Defrosting | 8X Faster | Negative oxygen ions fresh-keeping | U

Projects on PledgeBox

The Original SPAWN Action Figure & Comic Remastered (2020)

TODD MCFARLANE joins forces with Kickstarter to deliver an updated version of the original SPAWN action figure & comic (from 1995).

Mina the Hollower

A bone-chilling ode to handheld games, refined for the modern era.

GENKI: Waveform Earphones for Nintendo Switch and PS5

Connect & Stream 2 Audio Sources at Once. Enjoy Low Latency Gaming. Dual Hybrid Drivers for Immersive Sound. aptX Adaptive Smart Case.