Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects (Nov. 18)

Weekly Selection of Hot Projects from Kickstarter!


October 8, 2019

#1 Libra, Turns Your iPad Pro into a MacBook

Wanna turn your iPad Pro into a MacBook?

Libra will be your best choice.

What’s Libra? It is a Bluetooth keyboard with trackpad, backlighting, and function keys to provide a user experience like a MacBook, without sacrificing the advantages of a tablet.

What can this keyboard do? It can turn your iPad Pro into a MacBook. Libra maximizes your iPad productivity while at home or on-the-go. Libra is compatible with iPad Pro 9.7", 10.5", 11" and 12.9".


  • Smart Connection
  • MacBook-style Design
  • Function Keys
  • Adjustable Backlit Keys
  • High Compatibility

Further Reading: Click this link for more details on this portable keyboard.

#2 TEMPEST: A Revolutionary Personal Weather System

Need to cover your plants overnight? Trying to plan a backyard barbecue with a forecast that keeps changing? 

The guessing game is over. 

What’s Tempest? It consists of a cutting-edge weather station and AI-powered App provides you a better forecast.

What can this weather system do? The Tempest System provides real-time weather observations wherever it's placed. This unique weather data is shared with the National Weather Service, contributing to a more accurate general forecast and helping us all predict and prepare for hazardous weather.


  • Real-time Weather Data
  • Real-time Weather Alert
  • Totally Wireless Weather Station
  • Sensitivity Sensor
  • Easy for Installation

Further Reading: Click this link for more details on this accurate real-time weather system.

#3 ABFOCE: Ultra Foldable Solar Panel & Wireless Charger Kit

Still bothered by searching an extra power supply to charge your devices? Tired of dealing with messy cables?

ABFOCE wireless charger kit will save your life.

What’s ABFOCE? It is a removable wireless USB charger kit that supports QC3.0, PD3.0 & faster-charging protocols.

What can this charger kit do? Equipped with fast charging USB-A, USB-C outlets, and a Qi-compatible wireless mat, the ABFOCE gets multiple devices fully charged fast. An easy to read LED interface allows you to follow your panel's activity during any powering cycle.


  • Solar Panel Powered
  • Fast Charging Protocol
  • Delivery Power to Numerous Devices
  • LED Emergency Light
  • Compact Easily into a Box

Further Reading: Click this link for more details on this wireless charger kit.


#4 SwitchBot Curtain: Make Your Curtain Smart in Seconds

Wondering about better watching experience at home?

How about starting with a intelligent curtain?

What’s SwitchBot? It is a kind of smart curtain that can connect to the smart home to make your life relaxed.

What can this smart curtain do? The SwitchBot Curtain has a built-in sunlight sensor to detect sunlight. This can help save energy by reducing the workload on your air-conditioning and heating. It can be set to automatically close during the day time in summer to block out the sunlight and keep your room cool. You can also have it automatically open during the day in winter to warm your room with sunlight.


  • App Control
  • Voice Command Control
  • Kick & Go
  • Remote Control
  • Smart Home Supported

Further Reading: Click this link for more details on this smart curtain.

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