Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects (Nov. 17 2023)

Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects Not to Be Missed!


November 17, 2023

1.ELEGOO OrangeStorm Giga: Gigantic Volume Fast FDM 3D Printer

Free your mind, dare to think big | 800mm * 800mm * 1000mm Printing Size | Up to 300mm/s Printing Speed |Multi-color Duplicate Printing

2.Til Death Do Us Part: A Sinister Strategy Game for Adults

The tabletop board game of "Marrying and Burying"! Players compete to become the richest and most ruthless Gold Digger at the table!

3.Mezmoglobe Luna - Gravity Defying Kinetic Desk Toy

Spin Luna and witness mind-bending optical illusion of levitating globe trapped inside a flowing helix. Can your eyes trick your mind?

4.M-Cube | Customizable Modular Laser Measure

4 Modules Build to Adapt | 328ft 100m Fast Laser| Up to 17 Functions, Smart Planner, Bilateral Laser, Rolling Ruler and much more

5.Experience the Future of Spatial Computing - VANZY 2.0

The wearable Meta Mouse is BACK! Complete control of your XR space and smart devices, with 100% 9DoF accuracy & enhanced compatibility.

6.Quasar - Portable Enterprise-Grade SSD Enclosure (Max. 30TB)

Thunderbolt 4 connection, 40Gbps, U.2 NVMe, up to 30TB capacity, Power Loss Protection, Daisy Chain, Sleek & Slim

7.BURRUS | Next-Gen Coffee Grinder

Electric & Manual Modes, Precision Grinding, Integrated Scale, and Personalized Experience

8.UNDERWARE–Comfort-Sack Briefs Made to Fit Your Man-Parts!

No more "adjusting yourself"—No more man-wedgies, chaffing, or leg-sticking! We redesigned the boxer brief to actually fit a real dude!

9.DUOONE: 8K/4K Duo-Monitor Foldable 16\"-22.8\", Smart KVM

Dual 4K /2.5K@144Hz 16:20 | No USB Driver | Lag-free | Book mode | One-Screen mode | 500cd/m² | Adaptable stand | Maximize Productivity