Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects (Nov.15)

The most cutting-edge technology, boldest design and even the funniest stuff you've never seen.


November 15, 2019

 #1 LaserPecker Pro: The Most Advanced Portable Engraver

What’s LaserPecker Pro? It is a compact, safe and easy-to-use engraver.

What can this engraver do? It can engrave any patterns on various materials such as paperboard, fabric, wood, leather, felt, plastic and more. The LaserPecker App provides a wide variety of patterns to choose from or you can create your own by uploading the picture or customized pattern design.


Key Features:

  • Plug & Play
  • Auto-focusing Support Stand
  • Preview Mode
  • Foldable Design
  • Password Lock
  • Overheat Shutdown 

Further Reading: Click this link for more details on this portable engraver.

#2 DIPLE: The Revolutionary Microscope for Any Smartphone

What’s DIPLE? It is a compact and portable microscope that transforms smartphone and table into powerful microscope.

What can this microscope do? DIPLE is capable of giving you 1000x magnification using your smartphone or tablet as a monitor. With DIPLE, you can observe the microworld in detail and save it directly to your phone, in high definition.

Key Features:

  • Light & Portable
  • Extremely Powerful
  • Objective Lens
  • Magnification of 1000x
  • Immersion Microscopy

Further Reading: Click this link for more details on this powerful microscope.


#3 Findster Home: Your Pets’ Location and Health Monitored 24/7


What’s Findster Home? It is a kind of monitor that can continuously track your pet’s location using the most precise GPS technology.

What can this monitor do? It can track your pet’s GPS location and activity 24/7, letting you monitor them whether you’re home or away.

Key Features:

  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Real-time Notification
  • Sound Alerts
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Multiple Pets Monitoring 

Further Reading: Click this link for more details on this pet monitor.

#4 Bangle.js: The Hackable Smart Watch



What’s Bangle.js? It is an open-source, AI-enabled smart watch that can be easily customized.

What can this smart watch do? It can act as a clock, compass, map, heart rate monitor and etc. Bangle.js is an open and hackable smart watch. You can easily install new apps from the web or develop your own using JavaScript or a graphical programming language (Blockly).

Key Features:

  • Open Source
  • AI-enabled

Further Reading: Click this link for more details on this smart watch.


#5 NuType: Revolutionizing the Laptop Typing Experience


What’s NuType? It is a wireless mechanical keyboard that fits perfectly with your MacBook, surface and mobile devices. 

What can this wireless mechanical keyboard do? NuType is the smallest mechanical keyboard in the world, which uses ultra-thin short travel Kaihua choc switches (42% shorter than the standard mechanical switches), making your typing faster, easier and more accurate. And it can pair with up to 3 different devices via Bluetooth, allowing you to switch between devices effortlessly, including Android phones and Windows PCs. 

Key Feature:

  • Solid Connection
  • Strong Compatibility
  • Minimal Design
  • Different Backlight Modes
  • Customizable Function Keys

Further Reading: Click this link for more details on this mechanical keyboard.

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