Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects (Nov.13)

Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects Not to Be Missed!

Becky Wu

Nov 13, 2020

#1 Catson, An Auto Litter Box That Cares About You & Your Cats

Catson is an innovative litter box that automatically scoops and stores litter. Applied with a UV sanitizing system, it eliminates harmful germs and bacteria. Excellent odor elimination provides a clean and fresh environment. Motion sensors detect and prevent your kitten from getting hurt.


#2 Urikar AT1, AI-Powered Percussive Massage Gun

Sit Back, Relax, and Let Your Smart Urikar Do The Rest.

  • All-Pro Specs: 60 lbs Force | 3600 PPM | 16mm Depth | 1 Month Battery Life
  • Massage Head Recognition to help you apply the proper force, depth, and speed of massage.
  • Urikar AT1 offers one-on-one massage guidance on the smart-dashboard.
  • Smart percussive speed adaptation based on your massage hand movement.

#3 BrillLock, The Most Affordable Fingerprint Door Lock

A biometric door lock with minimalistic styling that is easy to install, meticulously accurate and amazingly affordable.
✅  360° fingerprint scanner
✅  Unlock in 0.5 seconds
✅  Semiconductor Sensor
✅  Easy-installation
✅  Level C lock cylinder

#4 WARRIOR 64 ConsoleGamepad & DIY KIT

REVISIT THE CLASSIC 64-BIT REVOLUTION. The Ultimate N64 Console, Newly Design Nintendo 64 with HDMI Output, Plug & Play.

Projects on PledgeBox

Creality CR-6 SE Leveling-free DIY 3D Printer Kit

CR-6 SE, a workhorse designed for who defines creativity, makes 3D printing ever easier before.

EcoFlow R600 - World's Fastest Charging Power Station

Modular Design for Increased Capacity; 600W Smart Inverter; Chainable AC Power; From 0 to 80% in 1 hour; EcoFlow Mobile App

ChopBox: World's First Smart Cutting Board With 10 Features

Kills germs, weighs your food and more! Sustainable. Replaceable parts. Super easy to clean. Watch the video to see all the features.