Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects (July. 22 2022)

Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects Not to Be Missed! - PledgeBox

Yvonne Lee

July 22, 2022

#1 HTVRONT: The Heat Press with Auto Pressure Exertion

Auto Heat Press | 50% Faster Press Time | Auto Pressure Exertion | Uniform & Safe | Large Heat Plate

#2 SunnySide: Solar-Powered Self Heating/Cooling Lunchbox

The smart lunch box that preserves your meal at its ideal temperature | Heat in Minutes | Keep it Cool | Solar-Powered

#3 The Wireless Shortcut Keyboard for Procreate®

With 34 accessible shortcuts & 220 hours of battery life, your artistic creativity is unleashed with Procreate® on iPad®.

#4 Sequent SolarCharger - Solar charging smartwatch

Powered with the largest solar panel ever made for a hybrid smart watch

#5 Smoll Envelope Wallet | Leather Design Reinterpreted

Seamless origami design turns premium veg-tanned leather into a minimalist, executive wallet. No stitch, no glue, no compromise.

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