Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects (July. 14 2023)

Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects Not to Be Missed!


July 14, 2023

1.Everday Steam Closet: Refresh & Dewrinkle with Steam

A hands-free solution to refresh and dewrinkle your clothes, without the need to do laundry

2.VH-80A : Auto Calibration Dual Laser Distance Meter

New Era of Distance Measurement | Highest Accuracy with Auto-Calibration Feature | 9 Times Faster Project Speed | Data Management App

3.INMO Air2: The Next-Gen All-in-One Wireless AR Glasses

Wireless | On-the-go Cinema | Built-in Translation| ChatGPT Intellight Integration | Youtube & TikTok Installed

4.DaptKey - Streamline your workflow & creative process

20 customizable keys & 5 knobs|up to 10 different software commands switch, OLED display|Work & create with efficiency and convenience!

5.VesperGuard - Mosquito-Free 24/7 Repeller For Epic Vibe

A solution to repel mosquitoes and elevate your outdoor experience. Featuring a repelling power that spans up to 30ft.

6.Hsting: The Most Powerful 5-in-1 PD240W GaN Display Charger

240W Max Output | Real-time Display|5 Ports |PD140 Single Charging | GaN Tech |WorldWide Compatible

7.Titanium Utility Knife with Quick Release Blade Design

Flipper Utility Knife, Folding Pocket Knife, Linear Lock, with Quick Release Blade Changing Mechanism

8.LITO, the Redefined Walkie-Talkie. Sleek, Versatile&Wearable

14mm Ultra-thin | Ring Controller | Action Camera Accessory & BlueTooth Earbuds Compatible | Location Sharing Offline | 120 Hrs Standby