Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects (July. 1 2022)

Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects Not to Be Missed! - PledgeBox

Yvonne Lee

July 1, 2022

#1 The Ultimate Dog Harness - Ascension™

An All-in-One Dog Harness designed to replace all other harnesses Waterproof | Crash-Tested | Backpack | Rescue

#2 QOOLA - Wearable Air Conditioner with Ion Purifier

Instant Cooling and Heating | Ion Purifier | Lightweight | Ergonomic Design

#3 Epomaker TH96 QMK/VIA Gasket Mounted Mechanical Keyboard

Gasket Mounted Design | CNC Knob | QMK/VIA Ver. | Wireless Ver. | Hot-Swappable | Support Android, iOS, macOS, Win | ANSI/ISO Layout|

#4 Say Goodbye to Garbage Trouble, Turn Food Waste into Compost

No more smell or mess, Almoway turns food waste into compost at the touch of a button. Reduces waste and adds convenience to your life.

#5 Mindy, A Clock For Living In The Moment

A handcrafted & Wabi-Sabi aesthetic clock helps you find inner peace, develop meditation habits & improve sleep quality.

#6 ULlife Me-300S: Lightest Foldable Bone Conduction Headphones

Ultra Lightweight | Foldable | Open-ear Listening | IP66 Rating | Bluetooth 5.3 | Max 8hrs Battery Life