Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects (Jan. 05)

Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects Not to Be Missed!

Becky Wu

January 5, 2021

#1 Atomstack, The World's First 3D Printer For The Most Elastic Rubber

A customized sneaker for only $10 bucks?
With Atomstack Cambrian, you can do that.
It’s world’s first thermoplastic rubber printer.
Open up endless possibilities for real-world applications.

P.S. From $299

#2 EM3-STELLAR, The Lightest 4K Mixed-reality Glasses

It’s a new year. You need a new look and a new lifestyle.
I mean EM3-Stellar. The stylish MR glasses.
Work and play with the 800” immersive private screen.
Wow, you look like a guy come from the future.

#3 TALENT JOGGER: 100% Merino Wool Shoes with Comfort & Style

Everyone loves wool sweater. It’s soft, warm and comfortable.
Do you know your feet want that too?
They need Talent Jogger.
100% Merino Wool Shoes with Comfort & Style.
Come on. Be nice to them please.

#4【Crafted in Japan】All-Purpose Kitchen Spatula

Urushi Lacquer-coated Spatulas: crafted from hiba wood, professionally approved and suited for daily cooking!

#5 HumminGuru: All-in-One Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner

A compact and affordable vinyl record cleaner that cleans and dries your record in one step

#6 Gamer's Chest: All-in-One Tabletop Game Organizer

Gamer's Chest is a unique modular system from Be Wood that will help you organize and improve any board game

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