Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects (Feb. 7)

You don't want to miss these hot Kickstarter projects!


February 7, 2020

#1 Wristbuds, World First Smartwatch with Built in TWS Earbuds

What’s Wristbuds? Wristbuds is a revolutionary product that combines the convenience and quality sound of TWS earbuds with an activity tracking smartwatch.

What makes it unique? The watch has essential features for fitness and health, music and phone calls, and securely holds and charges graphene-based wireless earbuds that deliver a superior audio experience with a patented, 90 ° rotatable perfect-fit design.

Key Features:

  • 90 ° rotatable & comfortable fit
  • On-wrist charging
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • On watch music storage
  • CVC noise cancellation

#2 GLAMOS, Bring Your Touchless Screens to Life

What’s Glamos? Glamos is a motion sensor that creates avirtual touchscreen anywhere.

What makes it unique? Connect Glamos with your device and itwill turn your screens instantly interactive. Project an invisible touchscreennear you and control a device that’s far away from you.

Key Features:

  • Pocket-sized
  • Instant touchscreen
  • Quick setup
  • Super compatible
  • LiDAR technology


#3 MCJOY, Ultimate Small & Quiet Thick Hot/Cold Milk Foamer

What’s MCJOY? MCJOY is a versatile milk frotherthat enables you to select four different modes for milk froth with a simplepush on the button - hot or cold foam, cream top for milk tea and heatedchocolate milk.

What makes it unique? This versatile frother has four buttonsfor different modes of foam temperature and density, to make either hotcappuccinos and lattes, cold frappes and coffees, cheese tea or warm milk asyou like it. Superior to most, it uses electromagnetic coils instead of a motorto drive the whisk to set new standards for noise level and portability of milkfoamers.

Key Features:

  • Four modes of foam
  • Removable jug
  • Large capacity
  • Auto shutdown
  • Ultralight & small

#4 Nebia by Moen, Our Most Advanced Shower Yet

What’s Nebia? It is a very advanced shower that providespowerful and enveloping shower experience and sets the new standard for watersavings..

What makes it unique? Nebia by Moen has 2X more coverage andsaves about half the water used by standard showers.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional coverage
  • Easy self-install
  • Water-saving