Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects (August. 12 2022)

Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects Not to Be Missed! - PledgeBox

Yvonne Lee

August 12, 2022

#1 LIVALL with Sound by JBL Make Your Urban Ride Safe&Enjoyable

Premium speaker system with sound by JBL, hands-free operations, fall detection, smart lighting. Upgrade your daily commute with LIVALL

#2 DAJA-P1, Desktop 100W Fume Extractor with Folding Cover

Up to 100W Extracting Power | 5,625cm² Folding Cover | 3-Layer Filter | Eliminate Smoke & Dust | Remove Peculiar Smell

#3 PODMKR - Grind your own Coffee Pods

Create delicious coffee pods with a single push of a button & say goodbye to single-use pods forever. Save money | Save the planet

#4 F1, World’s First Digital Soldering w/ Fume Extractor

72W | 32°F to 752°F in 6 Sec | Lead-free Tips | High-precision thermostat | Intuitive shortcuts | Odor-Free | 1.8 CMM(m³/min)

#5 BreezeNova: 8-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner Home & Outdoors

1100 BTU of Cooling Power l 60 Sq.ft/h Cooling Area l 3 Cooling Modes l 48dB Quiet Performance l Light & Compact l Mosquito Expeller

#6 Lugos:The Most Stylish And Multifunctional Fan Ever

Lugos is a masterpiece of multifunctional fan in cooling, lighting, and bug repellent. Perfect for use both indoors and outdoors.

Projects on PledgeBox

The Portable Home Battery

Expandable capacity (3.6-25kWh) | Power almost anything (3.6-7.2kW) | Home battery ecosystem

AnkerMake M5 3D Printer - 5X Faster Printing and AI Camera

Print Time Cut by 70% | Smooth 0.1 mm Detail | Built-In AI Camera Monitoring | Multiple-Device Hub | Multi-Color and Material Kit

Bambu Lab X1: CoreXY Color 3D Printer with Lidar and AI

20 m/s² Acceleration | Up to 16 Colors | 7 μm Lidar | PA / PC / Carbon / Support Filaments | Dual-ABL | Spaghetti Detection