Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects (Aug. 18 2023)

Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects Not to Be Missed!


August 18, 2023

1.Alpha Pillow 3D: Cloud Sleep

3D Diamond Structure, 3 Axis Comfort, Ice Cooling Air-Cells, Acne and Odor Defense, Hypoallergenic Materials, Pure Silver Fibers.

2.Ekpyrosis TRPG: A Stellar Odyssey through Time and Space

An Epic Adventure Through a Universe Torn by a Past War.

3.BULLET 04 | The Ultimate Telescopic Zoom Flashlight

Telescopic Zoom | 400 Lumens | Magnetic Quick Release | USB-C Rechargeable | 3 Modes | All-Metal & Weather-Resistant EDC LED Flashlight

4.Flagship All-In-One Pan + The Revolutionary Lid

From a skillet to a Dutch oven. It's designed to replace most pans that clutter your kitchen. Saves you from splatter & greasy counters

5.GWEIKE G2: Faster, Finer & Deeper 20W Fiber Laser Engraver

Speed up to 15000mm/s | 100k hours lifespan | Exceptional accuracy | Desktop & Handheld 2 in 1| Auto Lift | Color Engraving

6.Mocap X:Turns Your Head into Motion Tracking Controller

+200% Aiming Speed | +50% Reduction in Finger Movements | 20ms Low Latency| 6-Axis Sensor | Universal Compatible | Blue Light Filtering

7.NHB12, True Lossless Earphone for Apple Music Lossless

NHB12 is a wired earphone because Bluetooth connections do not support lossless audio. And we are determined to solve that problem.

8.Arcsist F4: The Pioneer 4x4 AirFlow Portable Air Conditioner

2200 BTU+ | Installation Free | Panasonic Compressor | Battery/Adaptor Powered | 7°C/13°F Rapid Cooling | Portable & Lightweight

9.GreenPlax® Fish | 3-in-1 Sustainable Aqua Shoes

Moisturizing Indoor Shoes | Memory Foam Insole | Shock-Absorption | Fast Dry | Anti-Slip | Ultra Lightweight | Durable | Breathable

10.VAULT 2.0: The Modular EDC Bag Revolution

Tailor Your Carry, Effortless Organization, Instant Access, Mobilize with Style - The VAULT 2.0 Way for Your EDC Essentials.

11.ATuMan LS6, 3-In-1 Laser Distance Measure

Multifunctional Measurement Tool | Angles Sensors & Leveling | Auto Calculation | Max 130 Feet | ±2mm Accuracy | Maximize Efficiency