Release Update: PledgeBox now supports Indiegogo Campaigns

The latest updates released in PledegBox.


July 22, 2020

We are thrilled to announce that PledgeBox now supports Indiegogo campaigns!


1) Create a PledgeBox account. Click here:

2) Log into account and select ‘Indiegogo’ tab. Click “Add a new project” button to create project.

3) Follow the wizard to import your project data in simple clicks.

Benefits to use Pledgebox for your Indiegogo Campaign:

  • Offering a variety of ways to generate more pledges. Allow to charge the appropriate shipping fees if missing, recapture of dropped orders and raise more funding through add-ons.

  • Collect taxes and VAT. Allow to charge taxes based on country and/or state.

  • Order management. Import backers directly from Indiegogo to PledgeBox with an all-in-one dashboard to manage their survey status, process payment and order details.

  • Shipping and fulfillment. Through our third-party logistic service to achieve fulfillment.

Projects on PledgeBox

The Portable Home Battery

Expandable capacity (3.6-25kWh) | Power almost anything (3.6-7.2kW) | Home battery ecosystem

AnkerMake M5 3D Printer - 5X Faster Printing and AI Camera

Print Time Cut by 70% | Smooth 0.1 mm Detail | Built-In AI Camera Monitoring | Multiple-Device Hub | Multi-Color and Material Kit

Bambu Lab X1: CoreXY Color 3D Printer with Lidar and AI

20 m/s² Acceleration | Up to 16 Colors | 7 μm Lidar | PA / PC / Carbon / Support Filaments | Dual-ABL | Spaghetti Detection