Monthly Product Updates - May 2023

Let's welcome our latest update on the survey system! Check out what we've been working on to enhance your experience.

Cosma Zhang

May 31, 2023

1. Send backer survey without collecting shipping address

Creator can send a backer survey without requiring backers to input shipping addresses. 

How to setup:

Under "Tools > Survey Settings > Don't ask for shipping address in survey form," the option to not collect shipping addresses can be enabled.

When this option is selected, backers will only see the countries on their survey form.

2. Improved campaign connection wizard for creators

3. Shipping notification update

Creators now need to invite PledgeBox as a collaborator before using the function.

4. Creators can set inventory limits on products

Now you can set the inventory limits on product level, variant level, or have shared inventory limits across different products.

How to setup:

Setup product -> Products -> Edit

5. Set Maximal Shipping fee for individual products

Previously, only one maximum shipping fee could be set for all add-ons. Now, individual products can have their maximum shipping fee limited, while the shipping fee of other products remains unaffected. 

How to setup:

Tools > Survey Setting > Maximal Shipping Fee


6. Backer can remove the Kickstarter add-on in the backer survey

If the backers want to update the Kickstarter add-on pledged in your campaign, they can remove it in the PledgeBox backer survey, and the add-on value will be credited to buy new add-ons in the PledgeBox backer survey.

How to setup:

Tools > Survey Setting

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