Release Update: 2021 October System Update

PledgeBox is committed to continuous updates to bring users a better experience - Apple ID / Backer deleter account / Shipping / Indiegogo FAQ / PledgeBoost / PayPal

Miya Wu

November 18, 2021

For Backers

1. Apple ID

Backers, who have used their Apple ID to pledge the campaign without setting up their Apple Pay account (linking their email address to their Apple Wallet), will not be able to receive emails from PledgeBox directly.

2. I’m a Backer, How to delete my PledgeBox account

  • Please login to your PledgeBox account first 
  • Click the settings button in the upper right corner
  • Delete Account

For Creators

1. Shipping

PledgeBox allows you to charge the shipping fee appropriately based on per-weight or per-item when backers purchase add-ons during the survey.

2. Indiegogo FAQ

  • How to import Indiegogo orders for surveys?
  • How to update new Indiegogo orders after sending surveys?
  • After three months, how do backers complete the survey?
  • “You have 0 orders reward for survey” after locked orders on Indiegogo.
  • “No image available” after connecting Indiegogo campaigns?
  • How to copy Kickstarter campaign’s products to an Indiegogo campaign?
  • The value of PledgeBox for Indiegogo campaign

3. PledgeBoost

PledgeBoost is a software to help for free, you generate trackable links and boost your crowdfunding campaign from backers, media partners and influencers 

4. PayPal

We support two ways for creators to receive payments at PledgeBox: Stripe and PayPal. The set up with Stripe is straightforward, while someone may find PayPal could be a little bit tricky.

This Blog will give you a step-by-step guide about how to set it up in the easiest way.