PledgeBox Release Update: December 2022

New Updates for creators. PledgeBox is committed to bringing users a better experience.

Lucy Wong

January 11, 2023

As you may know, we recently released our latest update on the PledgeBox platform. So to get you back up to speed, here are the latest changes and improvements you can expect to find in our tool.

A new function - Search

If you’ve ever had trouble finding orders

If you’ve ever had trouble finding products/rewards

If you've ever been bothered by not knowing how to use PledgeBox

Then this is for you!

The search function supports searching for product/reward names and articles in the help center. You can also search for orders by backer's email, PBID or Kickstarter Sequence.

Uploading Shipping info in bulk - a new option for sending email alerts

As you may know, PledgeBox has shipping email alerts for backers. After uploading the tracking number, the system will track the logistics progress and backers will receive three emails, shipping, arrival at customs, and arrival.

The original PledgeBox system would automatically send a shipping email after the tracking number was uploaded. Now it is up to you.

After uploading the tracking codes, there will be a pop-up asking if you want to send emails to these backers.

Kickstarter Status Synchronization

Whether you upload backers’ tracking numbers individually or in bulk, the system will send the emails and the order status will change to "Shipped".

From now on, the Shipped status of orders will also be synced to Kickstarter, which means that creators can check the shipped status of orders in Kickstarter’s Backer Report now. 

Pre-order shop - New layout, New features

The new typography is more straightforward and easy to understand.

✅ Automatic import the campaign page to the Project Description box

✅ Independent order management

✅ Copy product settings from surveys

✅ Comprehensive sales analysis

✅ Support embedded Google Analytics and Facebook Pixl

More updates will be released in January. Let's look forward to a powerful Pre-order Shop!


PledgeBox keeps improving the user experience.