PledgeBox Release Update: January 2023

New Updates for both backers and creators. PledgeBox is committed to bringing users a better experience.

Lucy Wong

February 3, 2023

As you may know, we recently released our latest update on the PledgeBox platform. So to get you back up to speed, here are the latest changes and improvements you can expect to find in our tool.

New Functions

1. Charge Shipping fees based on State level

Now you can set state-level shipping fees for both Canada and the United States. And this can be set in:

a. Kickstarter Import > Reward Setting > Reward Shipping Fees > “Based on Reward Level” 

b. Set up Products > Add-on Shipping Fees > “Based on Item”. 

This is a great feature for creators as it allows them to accurately account for shipping costs and make their campaigns more feasible.

2. Refund Emails

When the creator initiates a refund for to backer, the PledgeBox system will send a notification email to the backer. Similarly, when PledgeBox initiates a refund for a project, the owner's email will receive a notification. 

This feature helps ensure that all parties are aware of the refund process and can keep track of any updates.

3. Address Verification for Pre-order store

Last month we previewed a new feature coming to the Pre-order store. And here it is! 

The address verification function has been added to the Pre-order store, powered by Google Maps. This feature ensures that the shipping information captured is accurate and reduces the chances of mistakes or miscommunication. Don’t miss your package!

Improve User Experience

Shipping Emails Updates

After creators upload tracking codes, the backer will receive three shipping emails - shipment, customs arrival, and arrival. And all three emails will contain the tracking code for the backer to check the shipping progress.

Now even if an order is marked as "Shipped," the creator can update the backer's email address as well. After that, the backer will receive the following two shipping emails with their tracking code at their new email address.

Backer Register

Last but not the least, we have added a mechanism to prevent backers from accidentally registering as creators. 

When the system matches an order with a registered mailbox in the database, a pop-up will ask whether to register as a Backer or Creator

If "Yes, go to backer portal," you will be redirected to the backer registration page. 

If "No, stay in creator portal," the creator registration process will be completed and go to your creator account. 

This feature helps ensure that users are registering for the correct account type and reduces confusion.

From state-level shipping fees to refund email reminders and address verification, PledgeBox is making crowdfunding campaigns easier and more efficient for everyone involved.

PledgeBox keeps improving the user experience.