Effective Marketing Strategies for Your Kickstarter Campaign

Powerful marketing tactics to maximize your Kickstarter campaign's success.

Tom Wu

July 10, 2023

When running a Kickstarter campaign, it's crucial to market your idea to attract a maximum number of backers. However, before diving into your project, strategic planning is essential. Here are our top tips for effectively marketing your crowdfunding campaign

Ensure Your Idea Fits Kickstarter

Before proceeding, determine if your idea aligns with Kickstarter or crowdfunding in general. Research platforms like Kicktraq or BiggerCake to gauge the success of similar projects in your niche. While Kickstarter promotes itself as a hub for artists and creatives, the most successful campaigns often fall into categories like games, design, and technology. Well-designed products tend to raise more funds and garner more attention than intangible projects.

Create Appealing Rewards

Remember that backers come to Kickstarter to be part of something special from the start and receive cool rewards in return. Offer enticing rewards as a token of gratitude for their support. While product-centric rewards are recommended, consider offering multiple units of your product or exclusive experiences that allow backers to interact with you or your product.

Ensure that your reward pricing is well-researched and offers value to backers. While some projects include novelty items like stickers or t-shirts as lower-level rewards, this may not significantly contribute to success. It's advisable to prioritize your main offerings (your product) over additional items, as they can push the core offerings further down the campaign page. While adding such rewards might be suitable for specific campaigns, exercise caution when incorporating them.

Adhere to the Rules

Kickstarter has specific guidelines in place to protect creators and backers. Familiarize yourself with these rules and ensure compliance. Take responsibility for communicating essential milestones and potential delays to your backers. Thoroughly review Kickstarter's guidelines before submitting your project for review.

Don't Solely Rely on Press Coverage

Securing press coverage for crowdfunding campaigns has become more challenging due to fulfillment uncertainties. While preparing press samples for interested outlets is advisable, recognize that press alone may not guarantee campaign success. Research successful campaigns in your space, identify key differentiators, and target relevant outlets accordingly. Engage journalists by sharing your product from unique angles. While there are no guarantees, you may be pleasantly surprised by the coverage you receive.

Leverage Social Media, But Don't Depend Solely on It

Social media is a valuable tool for Kickstarter campaigns, as discussed in our previous posts. However, it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Utilize social media in two primary ways:

A) Leverage your existing following or build a targeted audience using platforms like Facebook Ads. Encourage your audience to share engaging posts about your project with their friends, creating buzz and expanding your reach.

B) If you are starting from scratch, focus on building a fanbase by directing people from your Kickstarter project to your social media channels. Inform backers that exclusive updates are available on your Facebook Page, encouraging them to follow you there.

While social media is useful, prioritize your PR efforts, as good press often yields a more significant financial impact, especially if your social media following is limited.

Incorporate Stretch Goals and Upsells

Consider introducing stretch goals to unlock additional features, accessories, colors, etc., during the campaign. Plan ahead and have a "phase 2" in mind, offering it as a stretch goal if your campaign gains momentum. Additionally, explore opportunities to provide upsells during the campaign, allowing existing backers to purchase additional accessories or enhanced versions of your product. Kickstarter updates provide a captive audience for marketing these add-ons effectively.

Use Advertising Strategically

Facebook Ads can be instrumental in generating awareness, driving traffic, and growing your Facebook fanbase. Additionally, Google Ads allow for remarketing to people who have visited your campaign page or shown interest elsewhere. Utilize advertising selectively, aligning it with your overall marketing strategy.

Explore Less Obvious Channels

While press outlets, Facebook, and Twitter are fundamental marketing channels, consider exploring less obvious avenues. Engage in relevant online conversations within LinkedIn Groups, Quora, private Facebook groups, and forums related to your niche and crowdfunding. Every additional effort contributes to your campaign's visibility, so leave no stone unturned.

Include Clear Call-to-Action Buttons

Leverage the designated areas provided by Kickstarter to incorporate additional calls to action. Add "back now" buttons throughout your campaign page and include social sharing links at the bottom of your project, encouraging backers to spread the word.

By implementing these tips, you'll be well-equipped to market your Kickstarter campaign effectively. Plan ahead, create engaging rewards, adhere to guidelines, and utilize various marketing channels to maximize your campaign's success.