4 Tips from Million-Level Crowdfunding Videos

This blog has extracted four tips for millions of crowdfunding project videos on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, hoping to inspire everyone to make your own crowdfunding videos.


April 20, 2023

If you have viewed crowdfunding platforms (such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo), you will know that most crowdfunding projects end in failure. 

So what does it take for you to successfully raise funds and become one of those few "shining stars"?

An extremely important way is to make a video that impresses your backers, and it will be placed in the most prominent position on your crowdfunding project page. And we know that people are visual animals, especially when the information is redundant, a simple and clear video can most effectively attract the viewer's attention.

Therefore, we have summarized the million-level crowdfunding project videos on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, and summarized them into the following four points, hoping to give you inspiration for making videos.


Tip #1: Go Straight to the Topic

Tip #2: Convey Clear and Unique Value

Tip #3: Create an Immersive Sensory Experience

Tip #4: Keep it Simple and Authentic

1.Go Straight to the Topic

When it comes to creating a million-level crowdfunding video, one of the most critical steps is hooking your backers' attention right from the start. The first few seconds of your video are crucial, as they determine whether your potential supporters will stay and watch the rest or click away. 

To achieve this, you need to clearly and concisely explain the unique value of your product and the problem it solves. Your backers should be able to identify the key message of your project immediately. Avoid providing unnecessary information, as it can distract from the main idea and bore your audience.

To engage your backers, create an engaging introduction that tells a story or bluntly demonstrates your product's core values, depending on the category and how innovative your product is.

Example-Pixel Keyboard

As you can see, the Pixel keyboard’s crowdfunding video went straight to the point at the beginning, conveying the core selling point of “The Pixel keyboard is the world's first mechanical keyboard compatible with LEGO bricks.”

 Throughout the video, the two questions of ‘What role does a keyboard play?’ and ‘Do the keycaps have to include letters and numbers?’ are answered, and the practical functions and creative potential are cleverly combined to catch the attention of backers and quickly keep in mind the uniqueness of the Pixel keyboard.

2.Convey Clear and Unique Value

It's crucial to convey a clear and unique value proposition. To achieve this, you need to clearly explain the problem that your project solves, so that viewers understand the pain point and realize the uniqueness of your product. Your video should showcase the unique features of your project, highlighting how it addresses the specific problem you're trying to solve. By doing so, you can differentiate yourself from competitors and stand out in the crowded crowdfunding space.

Another important aspect of conveying clear and unique value is describing the impact of supporting your project. Explain how your project can make a difference in the lives of your backers, and how it can address a pressing need or issue. This can help motivate potential supporters to contribute to your project and help you reach your funding goals. 

By combining these elements - explaining the problem your project solves, showcasing its unique features, and describing its impact - you can create a compelling video that clearly conveys the value of your project and motivates viewers to support it.

Example-LaserPecker 4

The introductory video for LaserPecker 4 does exactly that! 

From the beginning of the video, it made clear its unique value and what pain points it solved. In just over two minutes, LaserPecker 4 clearly demonstrated these five unique values. 

Based on the reviews, we can see the success of the demonstration, with almost every value offered solving a problem that different proponents faced before.

The following shows some screenshots from the LaserPecker 4 video, which can be seen to communicate its unique selling point very clearly and simply:

If you want to read more about the success of LaserPecker 4, you can follow this link.

3.Create an Immersive Sensory Experience

Creating an immersive sensory experience is a powerful way to engage viewers in a short crowdfunding video. With limited time to capture their attention, it's important to make every second count. 

According to the sensory signature theory, if a certain sensory experience (sight, hearing, smell, etc.) can make consumers think of a specific brand, then the brand has successfully created a sensory imprint, and this sensory imprint will remain in the minds of consumers for a long time. The same is true for crowdfunding videos. If your video can imprint a certain feeling in the hearts of backers, then your crowdfunding will be more likely to succeed.

Using high-quality visuals and audio can help create a visually stunning and compelling video that captures viewers' attention and keeps them engaged. By incorporating interactive elements such as animations, graphics, and sound effects, you can create a sensory experience that not only entertains viewers but also effectively communicates the value of your project.

The use of sensory interaction can make your product come alive and help viewers understand how it can benefit them. Incorporating interactive elements such as clickable buttons, pop-ups, and animations can help keep viewers engaged and interested in your project. Additionally, incorporating high-quality audio, such as voice overs or music, can help set the tone and create an emotional connection with viewers. By creating an immersive sensory experience in your crowdfunding video, you can effectively communicate the value of your project and motivate viewers to support it.

Example-Fidget Cube

Fidget Cube, a crowdfunding project for anxiety relief through tactile engagement, has remained popular even years after raising over $6.4 million from 150,000 backers. Its continued success is due to the immersive sensory experience showcased in the video, creating a lasting impression that motivates people to purchase the product and experience its benefits.

Specifically, it focuses on the sensory experience of relieving anxiety through touch. The video showcases the different tactile sensations of pressing buttons, toggling switches, sliding levers, and rolling wheels, which makes backers want to try it out themselves. By creating this immersive sensory experience, the Fidget Cube successfully imprints a certain feeling in the hearts of viewers and leaves a sensory imprint that resonates with them. This makes the Fidget Cube more memorable and increases its chances of success in the crowdfunding campaign.

4.Keep it Simple and Authentic

Keeping it simple and authentic is crucial to building trust with potential supporters in a crowdfunding video. The success of a crowdfunding project relies heavily on the trust of supporters that your product can be put into practical production and transportation.

Specifically, try to be as authentic as possible when presenting your product, avoiding excessive exaggerated images or unrealistic animations that distract from the authenticity of your project.

By restoring the true appearance of your product and using simple, authentic language, you can effectively communicate the value of your project and build trust with potential supporters. Be transparent about the challenges and risks associated with your project, and showcase how your team is working to overcome these challenges. Use real-life examples and testimonials from satisfied customers to demonstrate the effectiveness of your product and build credibility with potential supporters. 

By keeping it simple and authentic, you can create a crowdfunding video that effectively communicates the value of your project and motivates viewers to support it.

Example-Lifted Lumbar

Judging from the actual market situation, there are not a few products that use "ergonomics" as a selling point. The video of Lifted Lumbar breaks this point. It intuitively conveys the market positioning and product value of this product, and tells consumers very clearly that it will help you solve the fatigue caused by sedentary sitting.

Therefore, the real people in the video try out this seat cushion, although it looks a bit rough and the picture is not perfect. But it is precisely this feeling as if the user is taking pictures with his own hands, which endows it with a real feeling and cultivates the trust of supporters.

Recap the key points

Crowdfunding is by no means easy, but it’s not difficult either. As mentioned above, a good crowdfunding video can quickly attract backers and leave a deep impression, which will make your crowdfunding project more likely to succeed.

So, let’s review four tips for crowdfunding videos

  • Go Straight to the Topic
  • Convey Clear and Unique Value
  • Create an Immersive Sensory Experience
  • Keep it Simple and Authentic

Wish you all the best and good luck preparing your crowdfunding video!

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