What's Next After Successfully Funding Your Crowdfunding Campaign?

Discover post-crowdfunding success strategies. From gratitude to backers to handling dropped orders, learn vital steps for a seamless fulfillment journey.

Cosma Zhang

August 29, 2023

Congratulations on the successful funding of your Kickstarter campaign! This achievement marks a significant milestone, but the journey is far from over. In this guide, we will walk you through crucial steps to take immediately after achieving your funding goal. From expressing gratitude to backers to addressing potential challenges, we've got you covered.

Express Gratitude to Your Backers

The foundation of a successful Kickstarter campaign is the support of your backers. Take the time to craft a heartfelt update for your project page, expressing your gratitude for their trust and belief in your vision. And also, share your appreciation on your social media platforms or social groups. It helps extend your thanks beyond the campaign page. This way, you can strengthen the sense of community around your project and set a positive tone for the next steps.

Recover Failed/Dropped Orders

Recovering failed or dropped orders is one of the lack of attention steps that often determines the success of your rewards fulfillment. This step becomes even more vital due to its potential impact on your ability to deliver the promised rewards. In some cases, the funding amount you receive may not fully cover the expenses and costs involved in the subsequent stages. And the truth is, this situation is not uncommon and can lead to challenges in fulfilling the rewards.

Kickstarter initiates the charging process within the first seven days after the campaign ends. However, based on our experience, there may still be backers who don't complete their payments. Various reasons contribute to this, such as credit card issues, missed notification emails, or other unforeseen circumstances. This is why we believe it is necessary to provide a safety net—a second chance for creators to recover dropped orders. This additional opportunity extends beyond Kickstarter's charging period and enables you to maximize the retrieval of as many dropped orders as possible.

Use Purchase Insights to Shape Your Next Move

The data from your backers' purchases holds valuable insights that can shape your production and fulfillment strategies. By analyzing which reward options were most popular and identifying any variables that garnered less interest, you can make informed decisions to optimize your production process. For instance, if specific color or size options have limited demand, you can adjust your manufacturing plans to streamline costs. This analysis ensures that you provide what your backers truly desire while efficiently managing resources.

Let Backers Know Your Timeline

Newcomers to crowdfunding might not fully grasp the unique characteristics of the process. They might wonder why they can't receive rewards in a short timeframe. To address this, it's essential to update these backers with comprehensive information. Explain the survey process, when you plan to distribute surveys, details about logistics partners or publishers, and the anticipated timeline for shipping rewards. Addressing these details lets backers know what to expect, fostering understanding and reducing confusion.

Streamline Pledge Manager Setup

Finally, it is time to transition to the pledge manager platform and get ready to fulfill your backers' expectations. Pick the one that suits your project the most. These platforms facilitate the surveying process and enable you to gather essential information for rewards customization and shipping. Confirm that the integrated shipping vendors align with your chosen options, and use this opportunity to set up a pre-order store for backers who may have missed the campaign. This seamless setup ensures that your backers' preferences are accurately captured and that your fulfillment process remains on track.


The journey following the successful funding of your Kickstarter campaign demands careful planning and execution. Expressing gratitude, recovering dropped orders, analyzing purchase data, setting clear timelines, and preparing for the pledge manager setup are all crucial steps. Start following these strategic actions now! You not only ensure a smooth transition from funding success to product fulfillment but also strengthen your relationship with your backers.