What you should know about Kickstarter add-on?

Kickstarter add-ons are items backers can buy with their rewards. But Pledgebox supports more than it.


March 21, 2021

Kickstarter started testing a highly-requested product feature for improving efficiency and simplifying the experience for multiple-reward backings in the last fall.

The test went pretty well, so Kickstarter enabled the feature for all of its creators from 25 Feb, 2021. Backers are able to choose and add add-ons to their pledges directly from Kickstarter since then.

PledgeBox imports data from Kickstarter as creators connect their campaign, including data of add-ons. But PledgeBox supports more than you think. Creators are able to edit names, descriptions and SKUs of add-ons.

In addition to those, creators can set add-ons’ images and variants that allow backers to visualize every gadget they pledge.