What are Pre-orders?

You can create a pre-order store and continue to sell your items after the campaign ends on your crowdfunding platform. Selling more items allows you to increase additional funds and Give those who missed your campaign a second chance to buy your products!


Sep 18, 2020

Get started with your Pre-order page
  1. Go to "Pre-order"
  2. Click the "Opt in to Pre-order" tab
To Customize your pre-order store:
  1. Page Setting: You can change the project image that your backers see on your pre-order store, editing project details and description.
  1. Products & Price: Click "Copy Add-on to Pre-order", you can duplicate the item from add-ons. If you want to charge a different price for an item than as an add-on item, you can click "edit" and set a different price and shipping fees.
  1. Store Info: You can customize the link to your pre-order store, entering the store name and domain. And upload your store logo. Also, you can enter your Goole Analytics ID and FaceBook Pixel ID, allowing you to fully track business data.
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