Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects (Oct. 6 2023)

Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects Not to Be Missed!


October 6, 2023

1.MAKA | All-in-1 Pro Laser Measure

The most versatile laser measure that integrates 9 materials stud finder, thermal imager, cross laser level and much more

2.Neomow X: The Ultimate LiDAR SLAM Robot Lawn Mower

LiDAR SLAM Navigation | No Perimeter Wire | Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance | Multi-zone Management | Intelligent Path Planning

3.ClickPack Travlo | 45L Anti-Theft 🔐 Travel Backpack 🗺️

Go Anywhere with Peace of Mind! For Travel, Gym, Gear, And Those Who Live Life On The Move.

4.Solniooer: The revolutionary 150W Soldering Iron For DIYers!

150W Power Output / USB-C Power Supply / 80℃~420℃Temperature Control / PD/QC Protocol Compatible / 1℃ Temperature Adjustment Step

5.NatureEP: Making Mineral-Rich Drinking Water From Air

NatureEP is an installation-free air-to-water dispenser that is both eco-friendly and versatile enough to meet a variety of needs.

6.MagStand Kit: Tripod Stand, LED Light, & Power Bank

Powered by Apple's MagSafe Technology, the MagStand Kit Maximizes Your Photography, Video Recording, Image Capture, and More.

7.UniStand Hub the 8-in-1 USB-C Hub with Swivel Laptop Stand

HDMI 4K@60Hz | 100W PD | Universal Compatibility | Rotates 360 Degrees | Height Adjustable | Foldable and Portable | All Aluminum

8.TerraOmni Vest (1): From Vest to Tote, Redefining On-the-Go.

Spacious Organizer with Easy Access | Transformable into Reusable Tote | Human-Centered Design | Lightweight, Breathable, Quick-Drying.