Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects (Oct. 20 2023)

Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects Not to Be Missed!


October 20, 2023

1.LUNAR1,622: The NASA-approved Tech Watch with Moon Dust

Inspired by NASA's Apollo 11 mission, this timepiece holds certified lunar dust from a moon meteorite

2.STARFIELD 3D, Print & Post-curing All-in-One SLA 3D Printer

Print & Post-Curing |350*200*350mm Build Volume |25μm XY Resolution |Auto-heating Resin Vat| 20,000+ Hours Lifespan

3.SwitchBot S10. A 100% automated floor cleaning robot.

World's 1st Plumbing Connected Water Refill Station | Auto-empty Station | 5 Mins Setup | 6500Pa Vacuum | Self-cleaning and Drying Mop

4.The Dice You Play Like the Roulette. Special for Christmas

Christmas Edition | 7-in-1 Dice | All Metal Body | For RPG, Table Top and all your everyday decisions.

5.SnapTi: Redefining Style with Titanium Belt Buckles

Titanium | Innovative Design | Robust Construction | Lightweight and Durable | Easy Size Adjustment | Versatile Fastening Options

6.Blucap Moto - Motorcycle Navigation Sunglasses

A revolutionary navigation gadget for riding, no more phone hassles. #Motorcycle #Bike #Prescription

7.COBWEB Window Screen Ver.2 : 9-in-1 DIY KIT

Shield Against Rain, Fine Dust, Pollen, and Pet Damage with Advanced Technology