Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects (Nov. 24 2023)

Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects Not to Be Missed!


November 24, 2023

1.XNote - ChatGPT-Powered Smart Notebook

AI-Enhanced Notebook | Seamless Digital Sync | Intuitive Handwriting Conversion | AI-Powered Chat & Search | Smart Task Detection

2.The Baroque Tarot Deck

If art and divination had a baby, it would be the Baroque Tarot.

3.ZimaCube - Personal cloud. Re-invented.

Up to 164TB | 6x HDD | 4x SSD | PCIe Gen4 | 4x 2.5GbE | 12th Gen i5 | Thunderbolt 4 | Private GPT

4.Vitaloop: Get pure water from any lake, river, pond or sink

Automatic | One-touch | 5 stage filtration | Versatile | Durable | 13 Gallons (50 L) of water per charge | Great Taste

5.Bowio 2.0│Lit Up Your Reading Delight

One-of-a-kind Book Light that redefines Style, Efficiency and Sheer Reading Pleasure

6.ZERA Sonic - The First 2-Way Auto-caring Toothbrush Kit

1st Sonic Interdental Brush | AutoCare Case with UV Light |Self Air-drying | Automatic Charging | 50,000 Brush Strokes/Min | Compact

7.TROMATZ® Microcurrent Toothbrush, Gentle But Deep Cleaning!

No vibration, noise or damage! Enjoy our new oral healthcare device that effectively cleans all areas unreachable by regular toothbrush

8.01 PUMP: Ultimate 5-in-1 Outdoor Air Pump & Camping Lantern

Pocket Size | Ultra-light | Air Pump | Vacuum Pump | Camping Lantern | 4.5kPa Pressure | IP44 Waterproof|Power Bank | SOS Light

9.The Car Pool 2.0 - A Portable Toilet for Men

When you're stuck in traffic and nature calls, The Car Pool 2.0 will save the day!

10.Aceele Dock ,World’s First 13-in-1 Docking Station

Supports up to 3 Devices Simultaneously | M Key M.2 SATA3.0 SSD | PD100W Charging | 16 Ports in 1| Desktop Organize