Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects (Jun. 09 2023)

Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects Not to Be Missed!


June 9, 2023

1.Bird Buddy: The Summer of Birds

A Smart Hummingbird Feeder & Smart Bird Bath that identify and capture stunning, up-close photos and videos of your backyard visitors.

2.GoChess: The Most Powerful Chess Board Ever Invented

Experience the Magic with Self-moving pieces | Real-time coaching | Online play | AI-powered | Premium Design.

3.Seadon | Gale ACT Puffer - The 4-Season Insulated Jacket

Experience TWO unique fabrics in one jacket and feel the difference in performance. Powered by revolutionary insulation by 3M.

4.OnNab - Mini Nail Printer for DIY

One-click creates any design in 20 seconds. Personalize your nails and show off your own unique style.

5.LIMITLESS Backpack & Carry line by Graphene-X

Experience the most functional backpack and sidekick carry-ons ever built. Empower your everyday life and unleash your weekends.

6.InvisOutlet – Simplify Your Smart Home Setup

In-wall Smart Outlet | Sensing Cover Plates | Dimmable Nightlight | Works with Matter | Simplified Automation

7.PrintStation : Furniture system for 3D printing

Advanced Filtering |Sleek Design! Home Safe| Temperature control| Faster Prints| Reduced Noise and Odor

8.PasswordPocket | Your Personal Data Guardian

Offline Password Manager | Military-Grade Encryption | Autofill | Save 1,000 Passwords | Support Multiple Devices | Bluetooth 4.2+

9.BondStove: Innovative Versatile Smokeless Fire Pit

Reconnect your friends & families with this unique, innovative, and versatile smokeless fire pit, and make precious and warm bonds.