Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects (Dec. 23 2022)

Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects Not to Be Missed! - PledgeBox

Lucy Wong

December 23, 2022

1. GoWelding: 5-in-1 Welder & Cutter With Unlimited Possibility

The BEST All-in-One Welder Choice for DIY. A complete portable welding system for all metals.

2. Bigme Galy: World's First Color E Ink Gallery™ 3 Tablet

Gallery 3 Screen|Dual Camera|Dual Front Light|Voice-to-text|Handwritten notes to text|2-on-1 Screen Split Mode|Open Android 11

3. Iceegg, The Automatic Ice Spheres Maker

2 ice spheres in 50 minutes & store up to 10 spheres. Perfect for fancy bourbon, scotch and elegant cocktails.

4. S Simder 10in1 Welder & Cutter. A must-have in every toolbox

Pulse MIG| Plasma Cutting| HF TIG| Stick Welding| Fluxcore MIG| Synergic MIG| MAG| CO2 MIG| 2T,4T,Spot| VRD

5. WONDER FITTER: The Ultimate Home Archery

Your own Hunger Games experience from the comfort of your own home.

6.The Bugeye - Compass Redefined for the Trailblazers

A 360-degree floating compass designed to fit in the palm of your hand. Available in brass and titanium.

7. REVOXEN: 17-in-1 Standing Desk With Dock & SSD Enclosure

2.39 to 3.87 Feet Adjustable Height | Integrated 17-in-1 Docking | 3 Monitors Output | SSD Enclosure up to 8TB | Wireless Charging

8. Silver Tees 👕 Self-Cleaning Silver-Infused T-Shirts

Self-cleaning T-shirts made from pure Silver that keep you fresh and free from odour, all day long.

9. ICUBE P3, Affordable Laser Engraver with Built-in Battery

3W laser power | 6000mAh Built-in Battery | Galvo-fiber | 0.1mm Precision|Portable & handheld|For wood, plastic, leather, food and more