Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects (Aug. 4 2023)

Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects Not to Be Missed!


August 4, 2023

1.FitTransformer: All-In-One Modular Home Gym

Unleash your full-body potential with FitTransformer's strength, skiing and rowing training at home!

2.Thinking Egg III | It's Time To Slow Down

A useful tool to help remind us to slow down. Over 150,000 units sold to date - We're back where it all started with a new collection.

3.NHB12, True Lossless Earphone for Apple Music Lossless

NHB12 is a wired earphone because Bluetooth connections do not support lossless audio. And we are determined to solve that problem.

4.Darwin M2 - The World's First Detachable Digital Microscope

IPS Screen | 1600X Magnification | Capture Photo & Video | Quick Projection | RGB Staining | Dual Light Sources | 1080P CMOS

5.World's 1st Apple-Certified 6-in-1 MagSafe Charger with GaN

Charging Station for All Apple Devices with Made for MagSafe Fast Charging, CryoBoost Cooling, and Advanced 100W GaN Technology

6.ABLEFIT: Master Your Breath and Unlock Your Potential

Breath Training | Coaching App with Games | Detachable Power Plate | Hands-free Operation | Just 5 Minutes a Day | Increase Performance

7.ORR 14-in-1 All Seasons City & Country Hemp Adventure Jacket

Jacket great for office & adventure, hemp fabric with UV protection, adjustable wrist, 6 pockets, hidden hood, waterproof, windproof

8.Minisopuru Thunderbolt 3/4 Docking Station for MacBook M1/M2

Minisopuru USB-C Thunderbolt 3/4 StandDocking Station for MacBook Pro/Air

9.BINY - The Mini, Green and Speedy Clothes Dryer

600W Low Power | CES Winning Tech | AI Powered Drying | Quick as 30 Minutes | 3KG Drying Capacity | Plug and Dry | Filtration