Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects (Aug. 17 2021)

Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects Not to Be Missed!

Miya Wu

August 17, 2021

#1 XGO-Mini: An Advanced Quadruped Robot With AI Modules

12 DOF, omnidirectional, and agile. XGO is an advanced quadruped robot that can interact with you by voice and image.

#2 TEVOCS: World Debut Tesla Quality Home Battery

3000+ Cycles(80%+)| Tesla Quality Battery | 8 Protection Modules | Home Backup Emergency Never Out of Power | Safety&Stability Charging

#3 Neuschwanstein Castle: The World’s Largest Building Block

110cm*44cm*65cm | LEGO Compatible| 13,500 Pcs | 1:350 Ratio | App Controlled Lighting | 100% Reproduction of the Real Architecture

#4 FlipPack : Still Unrivaled Now with an Innovative Mag-System

KORIN team pursues the ultimate product design and unique inventiveness to make every backer...

#5 Mojo68: See-through, Custom&Programmable Mechanical Keyboard

With Gasket Mount, RGB backlit, and hot-swappable & programmable keys, Mojo68 is the mechanical keyboard enhancing your type experience

#6 HOMI BASE+: Double Layer Thermal to Make Your Life Easier

Breathable & heat regulating with far infrared care. Optimized thermal that brings baselayer comfort and outerwear versatility at once.

#7 The Pioneer Dice: The World’s First Mars Themed Dice

Hand polished Zinc Alloy dice set, D4-20, 7 Dice set. Mars-inspired polyhedral dice set to elevate any tabletop gaming experience.

#8 SMART Pet Clipper: The World’s First SMART Pet Clipper for Fast Home Grooming

DogCare Grooming Clipper, quiet, safe&fast trimming with auto speed adjustment for any pet. It gets all your grooming done like magic.

#9 QuietGo: Hybrid ANC Earbuds w/ Transparency Mode

ANC On/Off Switch | Quiet & Comfort | Touch Control | Immersive Sound | Max 30 Hours