Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects (April. 21 2023)

Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects Not to Be Missed!


April 21, 2023

1.Starship Seer - Make the future foreseeable!

10,000mAh power bank/35W output/30W input/USB-A & USB-C/Predict remain charging time/12 hour program Clock/Alarm clock/Portable/Stylish

2.Duovox Ultra: Military-Grade Night Vision Monocular

Full color at low light & 7-level IR illuminator at pitch darkness | 1080FHD | up to 500m range | up to 10 hrs battery

3.NeoRuler - Rule the Scales

A smart ruler satisfies all your desktop measuring demands with infinite customizable scales, units, and 0.1mm resolution.

4.Trio & Trio Max: Upgraded triple-screen laptop monitors

Upgraded built-in screens | Two screen size options | OPTIONAL magnets | Built-in kickstand | Lighter & thinner design

5.Path-22|The Interchangeable Coin-Sized Compass

Compact and Mighty - Your Reliable Path Finder. Crafted from Solid Brass or Grade 5 Titanium with IPX8 Waterproof Rating.

6.JuicePi: Ultimate EDC Magnetic Power Bank Wall Charger Combo

10,000mAh power bank charges magnetically when attached to the 30W wall charger | Travel-friendly | Rapid charging | Sleek & portable

7.Popsicle? Pop-cycle! A whole new foldable and slidable bike

A city bike smaller with a sliding body, folding handles & pedals, faster dual speed gear, made with eco-friendly die casting process.

8.Geo Wallet - World's 1st MagSafe Wallet with Full Find My

A MagSafe wallet with Apple-certified Find My functionality that securely locks onto your iPhone and opens out into a stable stand

9.CreationSpace Pro, the Most Powerful Pocket E-screwdriver

6.1kgf.cm Largest Torque among Same Size | 3 Torques | 26 Bits + 3 Drills | 7 Universal Tools | 250 RPM | Pen-Shape Design | LED Lights