Upselling: Make More Money & Add Value to Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Upsell More - Backers freely choose product variables and upsell add-ons to boost your fundings

Lauren Ratcliffe

November 11, 2018

Upsell is a very important concept in crowdfunding. Upselling is a great way to increase support for your project, while also building on the relationship your campaign created with your backers by adding increased value to their purchase.

What is Upselling?

Simply put, upselling is selling an upgraded version of your product or additional items that are meant to be used with your primary product, thus increasing the overall spend a customer makes during or after your campaign. Depending on the type of product offered in your campaign, there are a number of potential upsells that could interest existing backers to increase their pledges while also enticing new customers to support you.

Have a Plan

Trying to upsell your backers and customers without a strategy is like cooking without a recipe… you might end up with the meal of a lifetime, or you might get a kitchen full of smoke. Think back to when you prepared to launch your campaign. All the prototyping, design, pre-launch efforts and campaign preparation are what led to a successful launch. As your campaign runs, begin thinking of other ways your customers could use your product for upselling inspiration. Look at the comments left on your page for common threads. Once you determine the types of upsells you can offer, create a plan that includes what you will offer and when so that your upsells are released in a sensical order.

How to Upsell: Dos and Don’ts

When upselling after the campaign, you want to make sure to be thoughtful. Be sure to engage existing backers thoughtfully and clearly outline what you are offering.


  • Offer unrelated Items: Don’t offer unrelated items when crafting an upselling strategy. If your product is a technology gadget, trying to upsell them a t-shirt, water bottle or other gimmicky branded object isn’t as relevant or motivating to backers.
  • Be overly aggressive: Don’t try to upsell people before they’re committed. Offer your upsell to people who’ve either backed your successful campaign or placed an item in their cart.


  • Prioritize the customer experience: Offer premium finishes for your product or extra items that enhance their experience. For example, kitchen gadgets look great in black and white, but a premium finish could be metallic.
  • Offer customized bundles: There’s a reason buffet diners are still popular. Let your customers choose the extras that fit their needs best.
  • Limit the increase: Be careful to not upcharge too much. Aim to keep the increase less than 30% of what was originally paid so customers still feel like they’re getting a deal.
  • Offer free shipping: Offer free shipping once customers hit a certain order total threshold. This is particularly effective if your add-ons are relatively inexpensive, and may incentivize customers to choose multiple extras.

Add-on Tip: Post-campaign software is an effective tool helping you upsell add-ons to increase your funding. It provides you a platform to upsell your extra items and attract the backers to increase their pledges. The post-campaign software will simplify the whole upselling process but achieves a bigger funding goal.

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