Top 3 Benefits of PledgeBox for Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Successful crowdfunding depends on many things, but most have to do with how satisfied the people who pledge are with your project and progress. A new tool called PledgeBox helps you do this more easily than ever before. It works with Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and other popular fundraising platforms.

Skylar Lnn

August 26, 2022

Successful crowdfunding depends on many things, but most have to do with how satisfied the people who pledge are with your project and progress. A new tool called PledgeBox helps you do this more easily than ever before. It works with Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and other popular fundraising platforms. The benefits transcend options offered by those sites themselves and give you more control and access to both data and the pledgers in order to perfect your campaign and reach your funding goals.

Crowdfunding has become so much more popular in the past several years. It is a way to raise money for your project or new venture from a large number of consumers. Not only do you get monetary support that you may not find elsewhere, but you also had access to interested people who can provide feedback, market data, and word-of-mouth advertising. The benefits of the most popular platforms are many, but you can improve the outcome by integrating your efforts with a robust contact, survey, and upsell system.

The following three PledgeBox benefits go beyond default platform abilities and help you exceed expectations for your campaign and every person who supports your project. Best of all, it helps you seamlessly manage the post-pledge tasks and maximize the experience for everyone involved. Explore the following top three benefits and then learn how the crowdfunding pledge manager works from start to finish.

Benefit #1 – Improve Customer Experience with Post-pledge Management

You want as much information as possible from the people who express an interest in the project associated with your crowdfunding promotion. After your Kickstarter or IndieGoGo campaign ends, the time has come for you to collect contact information from the backers and deliver their rewards to them. This can be handled through the platforms themselves, but the PledgeBox survey email option benefits you even more.

With just a few simple steps on our highly intuitive dashboard, you can create and send a branded survey that benefits both you and your backers. It helps you to establish highly credible reputation and boosts brand recognition. This can translate into higher fundraising amounts for future projects.

What do your backers receive from this survey email? 

Each one will get a unique link that leads them directly to a simple yet engaging form. Instead of simple lines of text and check boxes, these include images that make choosing product options and add-ons so much easier and more fun. The Google map API verifies shipping addresses to ensure deliverability. They can even receive automatic shipping notifications and updated tracking data as they eagerly await the items from you. If you are crowdfunding for a digital product, PledgeBox takes care of file hosting for simple and secure downloads.

Benefit #2 – Raise More Funds With Easy Upselling

Backers who have already expressed interest and support for your crowdfunding project are more likely to buy more if given the opportunity. PledgeBox offers a unique and powerful upsell function to take advantage of this interest and provide additional benefits for your target consumer base. Do not leave money on the table when you can use it to develop future projects or expand your marketing efforts and build a brand with a stellar reputation.

What does the upsell function provide for you?

Make extra sales easier with PledgeBox add-ons offered at the end of the survey. These can include extra products, optional features that cost a bit more, or related services your company also provides. You can also give backers the opportunity to upgrade their reward level even after the Kickstarter campaign is done. Make sure to highlight the extra rewards they get if they do so. This process also confirms the ones their pledge has covered to ensure full transparency and satisfaction.

The upsell function also has practical benefits like calculation of final shipping fees based on the backer’s address and secure transaction options so they can pay the difference. No crowdfunding supporter wants to feel like they must buy or pay more in order to get what they originally chose. However, the opportunity to choose something extra or new like a different product color or add-on is an attractive proposition.

Benefit #3 – Manage Pledges and Orders More Effectively

Not all benefits of the PledgeBox platform focus on the backers themselves. Of course, making the process smooth and easy for them and offering them additional product options is mutually advantageous. However, the ability to manage the shipping process more efficiently helps your company in very real ways. You save time, money, and get a wealth of data that is easy to analyze and use for future projects, campaigns, and marketing efforts.

What can you do with the shipping process management options?

This part of the platform is all about making the shipping process easy and transparent. Your company can download clear pledge reports and integrate them with vendors and shipping service providers. It also helps to segment the pledges by country, state, reward level, package type or size, or any other unique filters associated with your campaign and reward types. You can see a very of local and international shipping orders too.

Your backers also receive benefits in the form of automatic survey reminders, shipping notifications, and invoices for necessary shipping and VAT fees. You can manage the entire process of satisfying the reward deliveries with a few simple clicks. As an additional bonus, the PledgeBox customer happiness team will handle questions or issues that arise when your backers interact with the survey or any other element of our platform’s system.

Crowdfunding offers individuals and companies the opportunity to raise funds for different products or projects and gather interest before they come to the market. Do not limit yourself to the tools available on the Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, or other platforms. With the PledgeBox survey and upsell system can help you get more attention and raise more money than ever before. The benefits outlined in this article are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the fully featured options available that allow for easy customization and full integration with your brand identity and goals. Upscale your crowdfunding campaigns and satisfy backers more than ever before.

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