Things Should be Fully Prepared Before You Launch Your Project

Perhaps today is not the right time to launch your project.

Cosma Zhang

December 13, 2023

When it comes to launching a Kickstarter project, one of the most common mistakes is rushing into it without proper preparation. Many creators believe that launching quickly is the key, but in reality, taking the time to plan and execute your campaign properly significantly increases your chances of success. This blog post will provide valuable insights and practical tips for Kickstarter creators of all types, helping you avoid the pitfalls of launching too soon.

Research and Preparation

Before launching your Kickstarter campaign, it's crucial to invest time in research and preparation. Here are a few essential steps to undertake:

   - Engage with the community: Join Facegroups or follow social media relevant to your project. Engage with and comment on them daily, not just for networking purposes, but to genuinely interact with like-minded individuals.

   - Learn from others: Study Kickstarter lessons, listen to informative podcasts, and read blogs written by experienced individuals in the crowdfunding space.

   - Back and learn from other projects: Support some Kickstarter projects, closely following their updates and understanding what makes them successful.

   - Contribute selflessly: Add value to the community by sharing projects you admire, actively participating in forums, and providing feedback to fellow creators without expecting anything in return.

Pre-launch Preparation

To maximize your project's chances of success, certain tasks must be completed before launching:

   - Comparative analysis: Create a spreadsheet comparing at least 10 successful Kickstarter projects similar to yours to identify patterns and gain insights.

   - Budget planning: Develop an extensive budget that considers various production and shipping scenarios. Think about cost-efficient shipping methods on a global scale.

   - Professional presentation: Hire an artist or designer to create visually appealing graphics and art for your project page. Seek objective feedback to ensure the quality is top-notch.

   - Engage with influencers: Send product samples to influential creators, podcasters, or YouTubers who align with your project's themes and have established relationships with them.

Feedback and Marketing

Before launching, actively seek feedback and promote your project to increase visibility:

   - Validate your project: Share your project preview page with at least 20 people and gather their feedback. Actively listen to their responses, even if they differ from your perspective.

   - Press releases and marketing: Craft personalized press releases and distribute them to relevant blogs and news outlets at least one week before launch.

   - Engage your network: Allocate time on launch day to personally invite friends, family, and potential backers to support your project. Respond promptly to individual backers as they pledge.

The timing and preparation of a Kickstarter launch play a crucial role in its overall success. Rushing into a launch without investing the necessary time and effort often results in subpar results. Now you have it all. With these steps outlined in this blog post and avoiding artificial deadlines and misconceptions, you can significantly increase your chances of achieving a successful campaign. Just keep in mind that delivering an exceptional product a few months late is far preferable to a lackluster product delivered on time. Take the time needed to plan and execute your Kickstarter project effectively, and the rewards will be worth it.