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Roger Li

February 13, 2020

Congratulations on just accomplishing the success of the Kickstarter campaign! Then you`ll find a long list of to-dos for planning, manufacturing, and shipping to backers. We love Kickstarter, but the built-in survey tool in the Kickstarter platform demands lots of your manual work to keep the accurate shipping records. 

Meanwhile, you want to keep selling even after the Kickstarter campaign ends. Who are more likely to buy from you again? Of course, the answer is the backers who just pledged your campaign. When they fill the shipping addresses, that`s the perfect time to ask them to pick up additional products and make the payment to push up your funding. 

The founders of PledgeBox were once Kickstarter creators like you. We understand the pains of post-campaign, and that`s why PledgeBox was created - to save creators time & effort, upsell more fundings, and keep backers updated easily with the software.

In this post, we’ll delve into the post-campaign stages and what they might look like for your campaign.

  1. Sending out Surveys

There is a 14-days period after your campaign ends before Kickstarter sends out the funds. We recommend you to send the survey right after you receive the funds so that you can have the highest conversion rate of add-on upsell. 

After sending out the survey, you can track the status on the project dashboard with accurate numbers on how many backers completed, and those who are in progress. 

Every add-on purchase reward will also be recorded in the software and you can download anytime for review. 

  1. Locking before Shipping

Backers can update their shipping information anytime before you lock the survey result. It is convenient for creators and saves time as they don`t need to track the address change manually - from history data, it is very common that backers move and require to change shipping address. 

Once you have the inventory ready for shipping, update all the backers about the coming shipping and leave them a period of time for the final shipping address update before you lock the survey records.  

  1. Shipping

Usually, creators either working with a fulfillment center or by themselves. You can download shipping-ready files and use them immediately in the shipping progress. 

After you have the tracking information, upload it to PledgeBox. All the backers involved will receive an email notification about the shipping status, and you can use the order table project as a very useful tool to handle backer inquiries.

Editor's Note: Do you have any questions about PledgeBox? Please let us know if you are interested in PledgeBox or want to register as a project creator/backer.

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