The Incremental Advantage: Small Steps to Big Success on Kickstarter

Small steps to big success.

Cosma Zhang

November 27, 2023

Kickstarter has become the go-to platform for creators of all stripes to bring their unique ideas to life. Whether it's a ground-breaking invention, a beautiful art project, or a technological innovation, the key to success in this dynamic ecosystem is understanding how to navigate its inherent challenges and leverage its opportunities. 

Strategic Launch Timing

One crucial strategy for Kickstarter success is the thoughtful timing of your project's launch. Imagine opening a flower shop right next door to another on the same day; the competition for initial attention can be overwhelming and counterproductive. The same holds true for Kickstarter. While it's fantastic to have a vibrant variety of projects, launching on the same day as a similar project can split your potential audience's focus and resources. 

Momentum and Buzz

Momentum and buzz are your best currencies on Kickstarter. The excitement generated on launch day propels your project forward and captures the attention of backers who are critical for early success. A clash of similar projects can cannibalize the buzz, leaving both struggling for the limelight.

Financial Considerations for Backers

Backers often have a budget for supporting projects. A backer might be willing to support multiple projects over time but may balk at funding several at once. By avoiding direct launch day competition, you respect your backers' budgeting preferences and allow them to support your project without overstretching.

The Incremental Advantage

Success on Kickstarter is often a game of inches—small, strategic moves can make all the difference. Recommended is the practice of launching your project on a day when it won't be overshadowed by a similar one. The same applies to your project's end date; steer clear of closing your campaign when a similar one is climaxing. This helps you capture the undivided attention of backers deciding where to place their support in the final moments.

Knowledge is Power

As of now, Kickstarter doesn't offer a system to coordinate launch dates with other creators. However, you can still gain insight into the Kickstarter landscape through thorough research. Regularly scanning blogs, Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, and forums related to your project’s category can provide invaluable information that could inform your launch strategy.


In a world teeming with bright ideas and eager backers, the well-timed reveal of your Kickstarter project could be the difference between a campaign that stumbles out of the gate and one that races towards its funding goal with the wind at its back. While there isn't an official method for coordinating launches and avoiding date clashes, creators can and should take the initiative to research and select their launch dates tactically.

Consider the broader Kickstarter ecosystem and aim for a launch window that allows your project to shine on its own merits, without competing head-to-head with similar ventures. In the end, the right timing might not only bolster your own chances for success but also contribute to a healthier, more supportive environment for all creators on the platform.