The Benefits of Using PledgeBox for Your Indiegogo Campaign

Pledgebox simplifies Indiegogo campaign setup and offers advanced marketing tools, maximizing fundraising potential and improving campaign performance for entrepreneurs and creators.

Tom Wu

June 26, 2023

When running an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, choosing the right tools and services can greatly enhance your ability to manage funds, logistics, and orders. PledgeBox, as a comprehensive solution, offers numerous advantages and conveniences. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of using PledgeBox for your Indiegogo campaign.

Increased Pledge Generation

PledgeBox provides a range of features designed to help you generate more pledges, specializes in Pledge Management, and allows Creators to collect information from your backers, such as shipping addresses, SKU variants, and marketing questions. It also allows Creators to add extra products for purchase, collect extra shipping fees and/or taxes, used to gather everything needed to fulfill the campaign. Additionally, you can charge appropriate shipping fees for any missing information, ensuring accurate and fair costs for your backers. PledgeBox also facilitates the recapture of dropped orders, minimizing the loss of potential pledges and maximizing your funding opportunities.

Tax and VAT Collection

Managing taxes and VAT (Value Added Tax) can be a complex task during a crowdfunding campaign. PledgeBox simplifies this process by allowing you to charge taxes based on the country and/or state of your backers. This ensures compliance with tax regulations and streamlines your financial management, saving you time and effort.

Efficient Order Management

PledgeBox offers seamless integration with Indiegogo, allowing you to import your backers directly into the platform. With its all-in-one dashboard, you gain comprehensive control over your campaign's survey status, payment processing, and order details. This centralized approach simplifies order management, ensuring a smooth and organized workflow.

Streamlined Shipping and Fulfillment

One of the critical aspects of any crowdfunding campaign is the shipping and fulfillment process. PledgeBox provides a third-party logistics service, enabling you to efficiently handle fulfillment operations. With their expertise and resources, you can ensure that your backers receive their rewards promptly and in good condition. This frees up your time and resources, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your campaign's success.

Choosing the right tools and services is crucial for running a successful Indiegogo campaign. PledgeBox offers a wide range of benefits, including increased pledge generation, tax and VAT collection, efficient order management, and streamlined shipping and fulfillment. By leveraging these features, you can enhance your campaign's effectiveness, improve backer satisfaction, and ultimately achieve your crowdfunding goals. Consider utilizing PledgeBox to optimize your Indiegogo campaign and take it to new heights.