New Kickstarter Look: Q1 2023 Updates You Can't Miss

Kickstarter made four major updates in Q1 2023: Google Analytics for tracking, image support for rewards, Easyship partnership for shipping, and the Advanced Creator Dashboard Beta.


April 24, 2023

Attention all Kickstarter creators! Exciting updates have arrived in Q1 2023 that you won't want to miss. From simplifying shipping to enhancing the reward experience for backers, Kickstarter has made improvements to make the crowdfunding process even more accessible and user-friendly. 

Let's dive into the details!

  1. Configuring Google Analytics for Website Tracking
  2. Introducing Image Support for Project Rewards
  3. Shipping Simplified: Partnering with Easyship
  4. Launching Advanced Creator Dashboard Beta

1. Configuring Google Analytics for Website Tracking

Kickstarter campaign creators can effectively monitor and analyze their website traffic by setting up Google Analytics. With Google Analytics, creators can gain insights into visitor behavior, demographics, and other valuable data that can help them optimize their campaign and increase conversions.

To set up Google Analytics for Kickstarter, creators need to create an account, create a new property for their Kickstarter campaign website, and add the tracking code to their website. This tracking code will allow Google Analytics to collect data on website visitors and provide reports on metrics such as page views, bounce rate, and average session duration.

Moreover, creators can use Google Analytics to track specific campaign goals such as clicks on call-to-action buttons or form submissions. By setting up goals, creators can better understand how users interact with their website and make informed decisions on how to optimize their campaign for maximum impact.

2. Introducing Image Support for Project Rewards

When you support a project on Kickstarter, you may receive a reward such as one of the project's products or other special incentives. Kickstarter recently introduced image support for project rewards, which means that creators can now add images to rewards, giving backers a better idea of what they will receive if they pledge to support a project.

This new feature will be particularly useful for creative projects, where rewards may include physical items such as artwork or handmade crafts. With the ability to add images, creators can now showcase their work and give backers a clearer understanding of what they will receive in return for their support.

In addition to enhancing the reward experience for backers, image support also benefits creators. By showing high-quality images of their work, creators can increase interest and engagement in their projects, potentially leading to more funding and greater success. Overall, the introduction of image support for project rewards is a valuable addition to the Kickstarter platform that improves the experience for both creators and backers alike.

3. Shipping Simplified: Partnering with Easyship

Kickstarter has partnered with Easyship to provide creators with an all-in-one shipping solution to make shipping less of a headache. This partnership allows creators to access a wide range of shipping options at discounted rates and offers streamlined integration with Kickstarter's Backer Report and survey tools.

Through Easyship's platform, creators can easily compare shipping rates from different couriers, generate shipping labels, and track packages. Creators can also take advantage of Easyship's customs clearance support and shipping insurance options for international shipments. Additionally, Easyship's platform offers automated duties and taxes calculations for shipments to over 220 countries and territories.

The partnership with Easyship aims to simplify the shipping process for Kickstarter creators, saving them time and money while ensuring a seamless shipping experience for backers. By streamlining the shipping process, creators can focus on bringing their ideas to life and providing a positive experience for their backers.

4. Launching Advanced Creator Dashboard Beta

Kickstarter has launched a new feature called the "Advanced Creator Dashboard Beta," which is designed to help creators manage their campaigns more efficiently. This new dashboard provides creators with a variety of tools and features that will help them track their progress, manage their rewards, and communicate with their backers more effectively.

Some of the key features of the Advanced Creator Dashboard Beta include an improved project overview page, which provides creators with a snapshot of their campaign's progress, and a new rewards management system that allows creators to easily edit and update their rewards. Additionally, the dashboard provides creators with more robust communication tools, including the ability to send updates directly to their backers and to filter and sort their backers based on a variety of criteria.

Overall, the Advanced Creator Dashboard Beta is designed to provide Kickstarter creators with the tools they need to manage their campaigns more effectively and to communicate with their backers more efficiently. By providing a more streamlined and user-friendly dashboard, Kickstarter is helping to make the crowdfunding process more accessible and easier to navigate for creators of all levels of experience.

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