Kickstarter Research: The Right Timing for Communication in Your Campaign

Right words at the right time.

Echy Wong

November 9, 2023

Communicating with backers is an essential element of a successful Kickstarter project, however, not every communication is effective, and this blog will present a recent paper that will take you through when and in what way communicating with backers is more appropriate.

The research focused on the pivotal role of communication timing and content in determining the success of crowdfunding campaigns. It revealed that the number of updates in phase one, the polarity of comments in phase two, readability of updates and polarity of comments in phase three, and the polarity of comments in phase five emerged as the crucial factors influencing the likelihood of campaign success.

But it's not just about the content; it's about the way creators communicate with their potential backers. The language used, the sentiments conveyed, and the timing of updates and comments all play a pivotal role in winning over the crowd.

The study employed cutting-edge techniques such as metaheuristic algorithms, machine learning, and particle swarm optimization to identify the best combination of communication aspects for predicting success. The findings were nothing short of groundbreaking, demonstrating that paying attention to these details can significantly increase the chances of hitting that funding goal.

The implications of this research are profound for anyone considering launching a Kickstarter campaign. It's not just about the project itself; it's about how it's presented to the world. The study provides actionable insights that can guide creators in crafting effective communication strategies to maximize the success of their crowdfunding campaigns.

In conclusion, the researchers have shed light on the intricate dance of communication in the world of Kickstarter. It's a world where science meets magic, and where the right words at the right time can turn dreams into reality. The next time you launch a Kickstarter project, remember to use the wisdom from this blog to craft your story and communicate your vision. Success is not only about the project; it’s also about the way you present it. So be bold, be creative, and be authentic. Let the magic of crowdfunding take you on an amazing journey.