Keys to a Successful Crowdfunding Manufacturing

Identify audience, research, design, evaluate, cost analysis - crucial steps for successful crowdfunding manufacturing.

Tom Wu

July 11, 2023

In this article, we will explore the essential steps to bring your product from concept to market. By understanding your product, the manufacturing process, and planning ahead, you can set yourself up for a smooth and successful journey. Let's dive in and discover the key elements of knowing your product, managing the manufacturing process, and achieving a seamless manufacturing experience

Know Your Product: The Foundation for Manufacturing Success

The first and arguably most important step is to know your product inside out. Gain a deep understanding of why you're developing it and the specific problem it aims to solve. Assess the size of the market and analyze the competition in that space. However, don't limit your thoughts to the product itself; consider the packaging from the very beginning. Explore the production process and determine where you want to manufacture your product.

Know Your Process: Targeting, researching, designing, evaluating

Figuring out the process behind your product is the next step. For this part, you’ll want to identify your target audience and do some market research. Now is a good time to complete your design and then build and evaluate a prototype so you can identify what needs to be tested and how much it will cost to produce. Once you know your production cost, you can begin to figure out what your retail cost should be.

Know Your Schedule: Key to Crowdfunding Success

A thorough understanding of your schedule is key to achieving crowdfunding success. You are responsible for setting your backers' expectations and meeting them is crucial for running a successful crowdfunding campaign. Consider the following factors when planning your schedule:

How much time have you allocated for manufacturing?

Have you taken into account factory holidays and their impact on your schedule?

Have you considered the regulatory requirements and the time needed for testing and certification?

Do you have an estimated or firm release date?

What are the driving factors behind your release date?

How do you plan to ship your product, and how long will the shipping process take?

Know Your Manufacturing Partner: The Key to Meeting Deadlines

Your manufacturing partner plays a pivotal role in meeting the schedule you've established. It is important to find out if they have experience in manufacturing the type of product you intend to develop. Additionally, inquire about their manufacturing approach and assess its compatibility with your desired product and service. Carefully review the agreements in place to ensure a clear understanding of what to expect.

Another crucial aspect to consider is whether your manufacturer will be building your entire product in-house or if they will subcontract certain parts of the project. It is essential to understand the extent of their involvement in the manufacturing process.

Know When to Stop Designing: Striving for Perfection vs. Releasing the Minimum Viable Product

While product design is undeniably important, it is equally vital to know when to step back from the process. You don't have to incorporate every possible feature into the initial release of your product. What matters most is to release a functional product rather than striving for perfection. By launching a minimum viable product, you provide your backers with a c and open doors for future versions with additional features.

Know What Comes Next: Beyond Manufacturing

Manufacturing is a significant milestone, but it doesn't mark the end of the journey. Once you have the final product in your possession, it's essential to plan for what comes next. Consider how you will distribute the product, whether your plan will change for future orders, and how you will address customer feedback. Determine the appropriate timing to begin working on version 2 of your product.

By planning for the future right from the outset, you minimize the likelihood of encountering problems. In the event that challenges do arise, you will be better prepared to handle them. A successful manufacturing experience ensures a smoother overall campaign and boosts your backers' confidence, transforming them into loyal customers for life. The importance of planning ahead for manufacturing success cannot be overstated, as emphasized by IN2 International.


Thoroughly knowing your product is the bedrock of successful product development. From understanding the purpose, market size, and competition to considering packaging and manufacturing options, every aspect plays a vital role. Additionally, comprehending the process, managing the schedule, collaborating effectively with the right manufacturing partner, acknowledging your capabilities and limitations, and determining the right time to halt the design process are all crucial steps on the path to manufacturing success. Furthermore, envisioning the future, including product distribution, customer feedback, and potential improvements, ensures a smoother experience and maximizes customer satisfaction.