Key Info You Need to Know about 'Project We Love' on Kickstarter

Standing out on Kickstarter is challenging, but the 'Project We Love' badge can help. Let's explore how to earn it and its benefits.

Echy Wong

September 4, 2023

In Kickstarter, where countless projects vie for attention every day, standing out from the crowd is no small feat. Yet, nestled within the platform, there exists a distinction – the 'Project We Love' badge. Let’s explore the benefits that come with earning this badge, and uncover the keys to achieving this honor.

What are the benefits of getting the 'Project We Love' badge

One significant advantage is that your project will be featured in the 'magic' algorithm, which serves as the default for advanced discovery on Kickstarter. This algorithm showcases a diverse range of captivating projects by highlighting a combination of Project We Love and Popular projects from all 15 categories.

Given the overwhelming number of projects on Kickstarter each day, it is only natural that backers cannot thoroughly review them all. However, the 'magic' algorithm and Project We Love filter enable backers to swiftly browse through selected projects while disregarding the others. Consequently, this leads to increased visibility for the chosen projects.

How can your project featured as ‘Project We Love’?

The process of getting featured in Project We Love on Kickstarter can be quite challenging and unpredictable due to the fact that the selection process is influenced by the personal preferences of the Kickstarter team. These preferences can vary widely, which makes it difficult to determine what exactly the team is looking for. However, there are certain recommendations that can significantly enhance your chances of getting featured:

  1. Reach out to Kickstarter by emailing and share your project's story. This approach is endorsed by Kickstarter itself.
  2. Engage with Kickstarter on social media platforms like Twitter (@kickstarter) or their Facebook page by sharing your project's story. If your project gains momentum and catches their attention, they may consider featuring it in Projects We Love. Kickstarter's revenue is tied to promoting exceptional projects that gain popularity, so they have a vested interest in doing so.
  3. Approximately three months before your project's launch, make contact with the person responsible for the category where your project belongs. If possible, schedule a brief call and make adjustments to your project preview page accordingly. If you opt for email communication, provide a detailed description of your work and highlights of your project to pique interest and request feedback. Be concise in your email while showcasing what makes your work and activities appealing. Additionally, keep them informed of your project's progress as it develops.
  4. Project Activity Matters. Kickstarter naturally pays attention to projects that gain momentum, attract more backers, and generate substantial engagement through updates. Having a strong project that quickly garners funding, social media shares, and comments in the initial days significantly increases the likelihood of being considered for the 'Project We Love' badge.